Weekend In Review [11/20-23]

It’s finally getting chillier around here and feeling like fall. My sister did the Philly half marathon yesterday and her comment about her race was “It was cold and windy.” She finished and is now relaxing at a friend’s house in PA. I am so proud of her!

I had a pretty busy weekend myself so I am linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for Week in Review




I had a very uneasy night. I have no idea why but I was in a really negative mental state about my running. Friday mornings are reserved for speed work or tempo runs, but I was seriously doubting my ability to do it. I was making myself sick with negativity. I prayed so hard to God to just fall asleep…which I did. I woke up feeling much better and crushed a workout:

10Β minutes at 6:40

2 minutes at 7:45

8 minutes at 6:30

4 minutes at 7:45

6 minutes at 6:20

6 minutes at 7:45

4 minutes at 6:10

8 minutes at 7:45

2 minutes at 5:55

Whew! It felt good and I was in a blissful exhaustion. Praise God! After that I relaxed and ate breakfast, then went to work. CTB was really busy on Friday for some reason.


[FRESH rosemary salt bagel. When they are warm, eat them fast!]

I thought it was slowing down for a bit by the end of the afternoon, and then we got hit with a load of swimmers from Ithaca high school. Never a dull moment there. When I got home, Gennie had left for Montreal for a day so it was me and the cats. Just the way I like it.


I got in 10 miles in the morning, ate breakfast and then made my way to Watkins Glen for the Celebration for the Turkeys. It was a lot of work (and cold again) but just as satisfying. This year I got to see the kids feeding the turkeys.


They eat better than I do! It always amazes me when I am surrounded by vegans. Since I don’t have many friends around here, being with other like minded people feels nice.


Before the turkey feeding, I was a bounder keeping people from going up near the area because the workers were getting things ready.


Then I helped out keeping the food area restocked and the cider hot. Boy it was chilly!


I ended up leaving by around 4PM because I was getting tired. Dinner wasn’t being served till later and I was ready to go. I ended up in a cafe (I was famished for some reason) and ate a scone with some coffee.


I needed to get some groceries and other items like soap, lotion and a shower shelf. I know I should not impulse buy. I know it and I tell myself that and it goes really well until I get to the season items and I sort of forget that. So yes, I caved yesterday and bought this cereal. BE STILL MY HEART! At least it’s better (and cheaper) than the other thing I considered…a $10 2 pound Reeses πŸ™‚


I ended the night talking with my friend and future elite runner about marathon training for Spring. She made me really excited for the winter and spring. Something I need when I feel like it’s too early to start training but slow runs on the treadmill get boring.


In honor of my sister running a half, I decided to run 13 miles with her. I felt really good, I mean really good thing morning, so I went with it. I kept the pace around 8:30 and jogged while listening to the Plantriotic podcast and then Rachel Ray. Running the miles reminded me to pray for her every 5 minutes. I cannot express how blessed I am that she has begun to run.

After that I ate breakfast and went to church. The sermon was the third from the Beatittudes from Matthew 5, the Sermon on The Mount. Today Pastor Steve spoke about the verse “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” I used to think of being meek as a synonym for being weak. This is not the case. Meek people are teachable, trusting and forgiving. All things I need to work on in my personal life. Such an applicable message!

After church I worked at the running store from 12-5, sold some shoes and cleaned the floors.

Today is Gennie’s birthday, so last night her family and friends celebrated at The Glenwood Pines restaurant. They met up at 4PM, so were already eating when I go there after work. It was fine because I usually eat lunch around 3 so I wasn’t hungry and the menu did not have any vegan options besides salad. Some vegans tell me that they just bring their own food…but that seems weird to me…so I just got a drink and enjoyed the company.

I ended the night with a shower, Scandal and food.

What is your favorite seasonal treat? Peppermint Oreos? Pumpkin Spiced nuts?

What do you do when you have a rough night of sleep?



  1. Oh my gosh, those turkeys are wild and somewhat cute…can that be?

    And you totally tapped into my obsession with bagels. Mm, bring on the carbs.

    I say sometimes you need your cake and you get to eat it too so enjoy that cereal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch always was a favorite of mine.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

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