WIAW [11/25/2015]

I don’t think I’d ever be good at a desk job. I realize that whenever it’s slow at my jobs and I am looking for things to do. I will sit for a while and get some brand learning done on the computer, but then I need to get up and organize something or read on of our magazines or something just to keep my legs from cramping or to stretch. I don’t know how people can do that all day.

That intro has nothing to do with this post, except that I have been on my butt more often the past three days working at the running store and it’s different. One benefit I’ve noticed is that my legs feel a bit more springy in my runs the past two mornings. I love that so I’m biting the bullet and fighting the urge to stand up too much. This is why I don’t taper very well (or at all). This will change for the marathon I want to do. I will master a taper!

Again, nothing to do with today because it’s What I Ate Wednesday with Jenn, the day where I show you the same food I eat everyday. Honestly, I love this link-up because although I am content eating PB&J for every meal, I also can appreciate the beautiful things others are making.


IMG_0082 IMG_0083

Peanut butter, banana and cookie butter (I found CRUNCHY cookie butter!!!) and a side of broccoli


A ton of chili. I seriously don’t know how I put this all away.


Coffee from my best friend’s Grassroots mug. I will probably never go to that festival, but I can enjoy the bounty.



PB/Nutella and banana wrap, animal crackers, cauliflower/snow peas

That was my day!

What is your favorite munchie food? I love animal crackers!!!

Ever had CRUNCHY cookie butter?



  1. Crunchy cookie butter is amazing! I like the creamy too, but really, when cookie butter is involved, you cannot go wrong. also, that chili sounds so good right now! I’m in cold right now, and I could use something hearty and hot to warm me up!

  2. crunchy nut butter >>>>>>smooth. ALWAYS! and I hear you on loving what you eat but also appreciating what others have. I always drool over peoples meals (pancakes and stuff get me) but when it comes time to make my own, my classic every day foods win because I just love them

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