Link Love [11/29/2015]

Good morning everyone! It’s almost December and I am actually starting to get prepared for the season early. I have totally taken advantage of Black Friday sales and have a few items on my Amazon cart that I think my famly will love. You know what, I really love Christmas. I love the music, I love church even more this time of year and I love the seasonal flavors and smells. Sugar cookie toast crunch cereal anyone?

Intros on link love are always terrible, so I will end it here and tell you to have a great Sunday! Hopefully some snow is coming our way and it will be a happy Christmas season.

Overcoming Perfectionism Addiction: How to Succeed in Life & Keep Your Adrenals Healthy via Own Your Health, Change The World

5 Ways To Promote Women’s Running via Salty Running

Mark Zuckerberg Has Just Set A Huge Precedent For Working Dads Everywhere via Mind Body Green

The Runner’s Thank You Note via Rock Creek Runner

How Going To The Gym Helps Other Areas Of Your Life via Slate

The Kid Who Voiced Hey Arnold Is All Grown Up via The Huffington Post

Healthy Foods May Be Better For Some People Than Others via Mental Floss
21 Times PB&J Were The Ultimate Power Couple via Buzzfeed

30 Things We Sometimes Forget To Be Thankful For via Mark and Angel



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