Week In Review [80 Mile Week!]

Hey all! Considering the past few days have all felt like Sunday, Monday is really hitting me in the face. Before I confront it head on, I’m linking up with Meghan for Weekend In Review.



I woke up and had a great run. I did mile repeats…but guess what? I did them at 6:00 pace rather than my usual 6:40. I called this “The March of Dimes” because I basically took 4 ten minute chunks and broke them into 6 minutes at 6:00 pace and 4 minutes at 7:30 recovery pace. Feeling solid!

My boss at FLRTC (the running store) decided to open for Black Friday and any employee who wanted to work could, but no one was scheduled. I didn’t have to be to CTB until 4 so I opted to help for a few hours. I was glad I did! We were busy and had very good sales.

My boss’ friend was running 34 miles for his 34th birthday so an aid station was set up near the store entrance. They were doing loops around Ithaca so every hour or so they stopped back to refuel. Pretty gnarly right?


I am a huge fan of Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch the next few days. My dad was the most thoughtful, loving father and made me a separate pan of vegetarian stuffing for our dinner. It was DELICIOUS! I totally cashed in on that. I topped it when some potatoes and green beans that Gennie made a few days before. So thankful for my family this year!


I left the store and went to CTB until close. I stuffed my face and then crashed.


I got in a longer run of 10.5 miles at a really easy pace. I love these runs because I get lost in the podcast or in my own mind for a while. It does suck running on the treadmill, but I find a way to make it work. To each their own right?

I made breakfast using my new hemp protein powder. I still like Vega more, but this was cheaper. It also turned my bananas a sweet green color! I think I like eating run things more now that I’m over the age of 5 than when I was in kindergarten =P


I then worked at the running store from 10-6. It was really busy in the morning, but slowed down around 3 and was DEAD till we closed. After cleaning/organizing everything I could think of, I started reading Ultramarathon Man again. Dean is so inspiring. I fall in love with running long and slow more and more with each turn of the page.


I got home and Gennie had bought this lovely seasonal drink for us to share. She said it was good in coffee…I just poured a glass and downed it. #bestroommateever!



It’s my off running day. After an 80 mile week, I was ready for some slow elliptical and Rachel Ray watching. I did not go to church 😦 because I had to work at CTB. With the few hours I’ve been putting in, I decided against fighting this shift for a later one.

On my break I started reading this book. I am LOVING it! I enjoy reading about the training of elites and what they do. If you want to be great, copy the best right? I think I am going to implement some of theΒ things I’ve read so far into my training.Β Shake things up a bit πŸ™‚


Because I don’t work another CTB shift before the month ends, today was my last pumpkin scone. I enjoyed it immensely. IΒ  find it humorous how I am anxiously waiting to see what next month will bring. I get more excited for the monthly scone than the monthly bagel =P


Right now, I am watching How To Get Away With Murder, another Shonda Rhymes production. I finished Scandal SSN 4, and am thirsty for more.

That was my weekend.

Tell me:

Do you like green food?

What running books should I check out?




  1. Holy cow, on your off day, after running 80 miles (!!!), you did an elliptical workout. That’s insane. You must training for something pretty exciting.

    Thanksgiving leftovers are the best, and how very sweet of your father to hook you up with your own veggie friendly version.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

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