WIAW [12/02/2015]

MMM What a great day of eats!

The first day of December was rather mild here. It was kind of rainy and I definitely wore too much for my run. Even though I run inside, sometimes the AC is on FULL BLAST so I wear a tee shirt and spandex.

This morning was a sweaty 12 miles at 7:30 pace. I swear that does not mean it’s easy. I wish it would get easier, but because I do speed on Mondays, there is probably residual fatigue in my legs.

I actually did something different for the first 45 minutes. I listened to MUSIC! Gasp! I totally cheated on my beloved podcast for some good old “Todays Hits” on Pandora. It was a nice change, but I switched back to podcasts for the second half. Not sorry. I caught up on The Nourished Podcast, which is cute and interesting even if I think some of their diet choices are weird. I’m sorry, but I will never take liver pills. Never.

Well, enough running rambles, onto the most photogenic link-up of the week! Thanks to Jenn for the WIAW party!


Β Β 
We have A LOT of cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving. Gennie made about a gallon of it, and it’s so delicious I could not resist eating it for breakfast. I used the goodness as a jelly replacement and was THRILLED with the taste. Slightly tart and orangy…I loved it! Served with my greens or broccoli and snap peas of course.


This bowl was so good and kept me full for the rest of my shift. In the bowl is: 2 bananas, 1/4 c peanut butter (approx.), a handful of cashews, hemp protein powder, super green powder, cocoa powder, chia seeds and flax seeds. Stirred all up and chilled: delicious! Apple on the side.



PB&Chocolate and banana wrap. Green beans and dip on the side. The usual.



The last pumpkin cinnamon chip scone from the month of November. I cannot wait to see what the scone for December is πŸ™‚

What was the best thing you ate today?

Am I the only one who loves scones? Got a good recipe for me?



  1. Such a genius idea to use cranberry sauce as a jelly! I will have to try that next year. Also, we had a mild start to December, too! I am so interested to see how this winter will go since Pittsburgh has had a nice, warm fall. As for scones…. I’ve actually never had one?! Why! I don’t know, but it needs to change!

  2. Give me all the scones!! Oh man I love those things. Ok so actually I love most bread products, but you get the point πŸ˜‰
    My gym is weird with the AC. Its like 35 degrees when I go to the gym in the AM and for some reason, the room I train in is ALWAYS hot, but the rest of the gym is ice cold! There isn’t even any heating vents in the room, I think maybe since it stays closed up it just retains heat? Who knows. But I sweat like crazy in there!

  3. ugh, I haven’t eaten anything today… I am stuck at home/on the couch with food poisoning. What’s funny though is… I totally want to eat, but I know I shouldn’t – ha! Bad things might come from that. But maybe later…….. MAYBE SO.

    I want to bake cookies. LOL

  4. I am now seriously craving a wrap!! The one with cranberry sauce hnnnng. Best thing I’ve eaten today would be my cinnamon chocolate nana ice cream with butterscotch sauce for breakfast, so goooood. I am in love with scones, I fell in love when I was in England and still crave them all the time. I have a couple vegan scone recipes on my site that I am obsessed with.

  5. You are most definitely NOT the only one who loves scones… they are my faaaaaavourite. Especially pumpkin.. but cinnamon chips would take it to a whole other level. That bowl of yours, girl, that is crazy! I think that must be the most nutrient dense bowl ever created – amazing!!

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