Week In Review [12/4-12/6]

Welcome to Monday! I had a great weekend full of running, cats and working. Christmas is right around the corner which is really exciting, but even more than that, Hanukkah started today! I really wish I was Jewish sometimes because they have the best food. Latkes are my favorite! After Hanukkah passes, I patiently wait for Passover so the next round of food is served. I love working for a company with Jewish owners, because they do food right.

This morning, I am linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats Fast Feets for Week in Review!



I woke up early and got in a tempo run before work. 6 miles, 5 of which were at 6:40 pace (I want this to be my goal marathon pace) and the last mile at 6:00. Super sweaty, but really satisfying.


After the run, I worked from 8-2, which ended up being 8-3 because we were busy. It was not the greatest shift, except working with my coworker Jill. She is the greatest and I look forward to each day with her. Luckily this week, I work at CTB Mon-Fri so I can see her more than the limited amount I did this week working at the running store.

After my shift, I was supposed to have a run and hill workout with another local runner (who is incredibly fast!) but since I got out of work late and hadn’t eaten yet, I couldn’t make it. I ate lunch and then did a run of my own. 5.2 miles felt really easy. I think I ran off all the work stress. I then went to Aldis for groceries/Christmas presents (I’m DIYing a lot this year), vented to my sister a bit about work, and called it a night.


My run this AM was almost 12 miles (11.76). I wanted to make it to 12 but I really felt mother nature calling…so I stopped and relieved myself.

I got home and enjoyed a nice bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. After all the banana sandwiches I’ve been eating these last few weeks (2-3 per day) I have wanted to clean up my diet a bit. Just a bit. So for breakfast for the past two days (and lunch today ahaha) I have started eating oatmeal. I forgot how comforting it tastes!


After breakfast I went to work at the running store from 10-6. It was relatively uneventful selling shoes, but I had a call scheduled with someone who I want to work with that lasted for about an hour. Needless to say, I am very excited about this opportunity, but since it is not a done deal, I’m not saying anything else.


After work I got in another 4 miles and my legs felt like jelly.


I got up after a long nights sleep, but felt like I just shut my eyes. Luckily, recovery was on tap today, so no running. I ended up not having to work at the running store (I misread my schedule) so I hopped over to CTB to see if they needed help. It was right during lunch rush, so I helped out for a couple hours, then headed home for lunch.


[Sterling loves his cat carrier]

After lunch, I went and got some Christmas presents, light bulbs and canisters from the dollar store. Yes, I had to buy tuna today. It’s for a Christmas gift hahaha. I am not looking forward to how it will smell when I open it. It smells like liver in my apartment right now. I have no idea what Gennie was cooking…


I got home, installed the lights, showered and now might call my dad to clue him in on the phone call.

Are you making any of your Christmas gifts?

Give me some oatmeal ideas!



  1. Ellie, you have no snow! Why? Sterling is hilarious in his cat carrier… I think he looks a lot like a cougar!

    We are doing a ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ family gift exchange this year…, so homemade gifts, baking, or things we already have that we will exchange. I think it will be fun to see what everyone comes up with!

    • That’s a great idea! The only reason I would not like that this year is because I am asking for something practical from my dad/grandmother this year and it is not a recycled or DIY gift. I want to get my dad something sentimental, but I don’t know what it is yet. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into it, so I know I’ll come up with something good. It just hasn’t hit me yet

    • I feel ya! I have been on Pinterest lately for oatmeal recipes, but in the moment I just shove everything into a bowl πŸ˜›

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