Coffee Time [12/7/2015]

Have you ever noticed there are two types of people when it comes to Christmas?

Camp 1:


Camp 2:


Oh yea, maybe there is a 3rd camp:


People either love it or they hate it.

I’d say I love Christmas. I love the festive cheer (from most people), the good food, the time to enjoy winter before we all start hating it and most of all, celebrating Jesus’ birthday. When I grew up, I remember my Sunday school teacher correlating Santa with Satan. See the letter change?

I thought that was ridiculous! What is wrong with children getting excited about a big man with a beard and rosy cheeks giving them a gift? St. Nicholas certainly did that, and Santa is in his memory. Sure, we go overboard, and the holidays can drive people crazy, but it’s all in a good spirit. Santa does not drive people away from the true meaning of Christmas, it helps people who do not know God move in that direction.

I’m not sure where that was going, but I enjoy Christmas. I enjoy both the religious significance and the holiday traditions. It’s all in good fun.

That said, let’s have coffee.


If we were having coffee I would tell you I love Christmas. Cheers!

I would also tell you that my town looks beautiful late at night. The Ithaca Commons went under some pretty serious construction these past few years. Some people doubted whether it would ever be done. People complained of course and blamed the mayor. However, now it looks wonderful. The lights are up, the tree is up and my pictures do not do justice. Forgive me in the spirit of Christmas πŸ™‚



I would also tell you that I had a rocking Monday! I received a pair of racing shoes in the mail from Saucony (don’t get any ideas, I paid for them) and was itching to try them out on my speed work today. They are really lightweight, not so cushioned and most importantly, did not come untied. I had no raw spots on my feet after wearing them (that sometimes happens if you go too fast in new shoes) and did not feel like I had to work them in. They will work quite nicely. Saucony Fastwitch, on my feet:


Speaking of running (when am I not honestly?) my speed work this morning was 15 x 2 minutes with 2 minutes 20 seconds above marathon pace and 2 minutes at 20 seconds below marathon pace. I was feeling really strong, but hesitated to push the pace. I have begun to re-read the Hanson’s Marathon Method and they stress not going too fast too soon. It’s important to not get overtrained in the early stages of race-prep. I did pick it up a bit in the second twenty minutes and went to 40 seconds below marathon pace. I felt like this was hard, but not like I was going to die (like last week haha). As usual, SUPER SWEATY!


One last thing before I go, I am three days strong on the oatmeal for breakfast! It’s definitely different in terms of sweetness. Having PB&J each morning was a huge hit of sugar, which I enjoyed (I am not anti sugar). With the oats, I add some sugar in terms of protein powder and maple syrup, but it’s more fatty and thick because I add a handful or two of nuts or PB. I enjoy the change. PB&J is still my dinner though. I could never give it up completely πŸ˜‰

Are you pro or anti Christmas cheer?

When is the appropriate time for Christmas to start?



  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know that those shoes are the Saucony Fastwitch, not the Saucony Grid Type A. In case people ask you about them, or we bring one of them in to the shop in the spring.

    So glad you liked them though!! πŸ™‚

    Was the convo last saturday with the Coach? How’d it go?


    On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 4:05 AM, Ellie Slices Bagels wrote:

    > Ellie posted: “Have you ever noticed there are two types of people when it > comes to Christmas? Camp 1: Camp 2: Oh yea, maybe there is a 3rd camp: > People either love it or they hate it. I’d say I love Christmas. I love the > festive cheer (from m”

    • I am really good at knowing what shoes we sell hahaha Thanks for correcting me! πŸ™‚ I’ll tell you about the coach next time I see you

  2. Put me in camp 1 please…I love Christmas! People are in a great mood and everyone hugs everyone, (at least around here). Our small town gets all decorated with lights, I love Christmas lights, and your pictures are beautiful!

    I think I would fear your Sunday school teacher and maybe suggest some sort of therapy, (the Santa/Satan thing is just weird…you don’t say things like that to little kids).

    The Hanson’s method is tough, you GO girl, and I love your new shoes!

  3. Love the coffee talk! I enjoy Christmas a lot, and I love this time of year, so I’m in camp #1. I always spend some extra time in Matthew, Luke, and Isaiah in my Bible so I can read about Jesus’ birth and the foretelling of it. It never fails to make me amazed. Jimmy and I also rented a movie about Jesus’ birth recently, which was really well done and got us both thinking about it this holiday season!

    Cute new shoes!!

  4. So glad you had a strong workout! I have pb&j almost every night:)
    I have just discovered that Saucony’s are awesome!! I have the Triumphs(long runs), Zealots (Tempo), A6 ( um if i ever race a 5k?), and the Fast Twitch (speed workout. I have the pink ones!).
    I have half marathon fever and am following Hansons Half Marathon Method book.
    I could read about running all day so please continue writing:) love it!

    • Isn’t Hansons great? I like it for the winter because it’s hard to run long this time of year. It’s really cold outside and running more than 16 miles on the treadmill might kill me haha

  5. LOL that is a great coffee mug! I’m a big mug collector – I LOVE when races give them out πŸ™‚

    The Fastwitch is probably my favorite road racing shoe ever. There were a few versions I didn’t like quite as much, but in general, great shoe!!!

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