TOL: The Game Changers

Well ladies and gentlemen, it has happened. I have a new favorite burrito. I thought I would be satisfied and happy forever with the way I used to make them, but the new addition takes this tortilla full of joy to another level: the Hash Brown.


You see, I really like potatoes. I have added potatoes to my burritos before when there has been roasted spuds on the salad bar. However, the hash brown really takes the cake. It is flaky, fried and delicious and looks exactly like the ones you can get for a dollar at McDonalds. On an impulse, I added it to my burrito, which already had avocado, onions, cheese, seitan, and spinach in it. People, this was quite fantastic.

Game Changer.

Another game changer: these sweaters.


Don’t my kitties look all fancy for the holidays? You see, Gennie and I had plans to take a family Christmas card photo this year, so of course the cats needed to get in the holiday spirit. She bought them sweaters, they had two reactions. Sterling bounced around the room at an even faster rate than I had ever seen and Boo sat in the corner clearly wondering why we were doing this to him. All in the name of Christmas (but seriously don’t they look adorable?)

My final game changer: the spoon test for my oats.


I enjoy a thick stick to your ribs breakfast. I need something that will not only refuel my workouts, but also keep my energized until lunch. My morning oatmeal has been delicious, but it has to pass the spoon test. I must be able to stand a spoon straight up in the middle of it. It must not fall over. If it does, I add more. More PB, more nuts, more dried fruit. Something to make it stand up. This keeps getting better πŸ™‚

What is a game-changer for your life recently?



  1. oh my goodness, hashbrowns in a burrito? YES! That sounds amazing. I’m a huge potato fan as well, so anytime I can eat them, I’m a happy camper! Your cats are too cute with their sweaters!! πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks! The only problem with sweaters is that it’s been really mild here, so keeping them on the cats is kind of mean. I guess they will be after Christmas sweaters =P

    • Thanks Emily πŸ™‚ All your breakfasts make me want some yogurt. I’ve never mixed it with PB before but am willing to try it the next time I buy yogurt!

  2. HAHA I looovee my oats SUPER thick too. I want them to coat all over my mouth. The spoon test is a great test. I just add protein to mine and it seems to do the trick. Holy hell that burrito.

  3. Lololo! Dying over your spoon test. I’ve never done it for my oats, but I do it for my smoothies all the time. If I can’t set a spoon on top of my smoothie without it sinking, then it’s not thick enough. And I’m totally with you on the thick oats — the thought of soupy ones makes me shudder.

    • Soupy ones remind me of when I was younger and we poured boiling water on the ones from a packet. Strawberries and cream was my jam!

  4. Boo and Sterling are soooo cute in their sweaters! I bet it was hilarious watching Sterling zoom around!

    The potato burrito looks excellent! I love potato’s as well and the past 4 evening dinners, I’ve been making scalloped potato’s.

    My news is my daughter just adopted a cat! He is orange and white and his name is Leon. πŸ™‚

  5. Is that chocolate oatmeal? Whatever is it, I agree that oatmeal has to be thick for it to be good! Also, I’m dying over the cats in sweaters… so cute! I wish my cat would let me put a sweater on her–but it would definitely get torn up if I tried πŸ˜›

  6. Hash browns in a burrito is a great idea! The crispness is the best part. Now I want hash browns… thanks a lot ;). Oh my goodness those Christmas sweaters are too much! I love it, haha. We once dressed my family’s old cat, Callie, in a sweater and she started walking so slowly. I think she thought something was attached to her?! I’m smiling now just thinking about it. Your oats sound good! Something funny about oats… I like mine soupy–with lots of soy milk and maple syrup. My oats would not pass the spoon test, lol.

    Game changer for me recently: I bought a phone charger for my truck and now I can charge my phone when I drive. Seriously… so simple, yet so awesome haha.

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