Link Love [12/13/2015]

This weekend got away from me! I had all the intentions of putting up posts Friday and Saturday, but found something else to occupy my time. All things I am REALLY EXCITED about, so it was not a loss. I really think link love is my favorite day of the blogging week. I love all the other things you’ve all been reading and sometimes find other blogs in the process. A great way to end the week (when did Sunday start ending the week instead of beginning it?!)


Enjoy your Sunday!

The Chipotle Method via No Meat Athlete

Inspiration + Aspiration via Zen Habits

The 20% Man via Kenny Moore

4 Mini Habits You Won’t Regret Later In Life via Thought Catalog

Don’t Be A Slave To a 7 Day Training Cycle via Competitor

Bulletproof Coffee: Elixir or Fraud? via Fooducate

Taking Your Own Advice via Loved and Worthy of Love

Are You Should-ing All Over Yourself? via Run To The Finish



    • You’re most welcome Emily. I got your book on Saturday in the mail. I will be emailing you shortly to personally thank you 🙂

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