My favorite kind of anxiety

Before delving into deeper topics, want to hear something great about my job at CTB? They just gave me a $25 gift card for Instagramming my sandwich.

Yup. I received a gift card from an organization that already provides for the majority of my meals. That is how amazing my job is.

I also did not even enter this contest, they entered me. I simply snapped a picture of my beautiful sandwich and used the location feature on Instagram to say I was at CTB (which I am daily so most of my Instagrams could have that hashtag). They entered me into the contest because the photo tagged them. And so, I won. I am $25 richer every time I walk into CTB. Glorious. I don’t even have the picture anymore, it was that great.

Ok, now for some serious stuff.

Who would buy two giant Reese’s for over $10??!?! First of all, ten dollars is a lot of money. Second of all, it says you are supposed to share it…however I know I would try to eat the whole thing and make myself sick and not want to look at Reese’s again for a long time. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Kidding, that wasn’t really serious, this is.

I’m anxious. I’m anxious for NO STINKING REASON. I honestly have no reason to feel this way. But, I’m kind of glad I do. I’m anxious-EXCITED, not anxious-NERVOUS, and it is wonderful and scary at the same time.

I have that feeling in my belly, the one where something is coming but you don’t know what. It’s not a looming or omniscient persistence, but a “you might get really happy and how will you deal with it?!” I have not been so excited I am getting almost sick in years guys, years.

The thing is, nothing is set in stone, so I might be excited for no reason (see above) but that hasn’t stopped the feelings. The feelings stem from opportunities. From possibilities that might expand my life. Nothing is certain and I have no committed to doing anything yet, but I have made myself ready. I have opened the door. I have let in the option to change things and maybe find some other purpose. I have also opened the door to rejection and failure.


The fear of rejection has not scared me from trying anyway. I am willing to go out on a limb and face a possible “no” because the possible “yes” would be so great.

This is the anxiety I love. I’ll gladly take it.

What’s on the horizon for you?

Have you ever experienced excited anxiety?



  1. Isn’t “good anxiety” so weird and amazing?! I was reading a psychology book recently that discussed changes and opportunities in one of the chapters. The author said that when we take action and pursue something–even if we don’t know how it will go–we feel so alive because we have hope. I think the author even said that prisoners of war who had hope through their trials were more likely to live versus those who didn’t. Isn’t that amazing?!

    Anyways, I am so happy for you, Ellie! Whatever it is, it’s great that you have the excited feeling and that you’re realistic about the opportunity but still feeling excited anyways. Way to be positive! Can’t wait to hopefully hear more πŸ™‚

  2. I like this very much. You’ve put little excited butterflies in my tummy and I’m not even sure for what. Anxiety can be a positive thing on occasion… our bodies have a way of foretelling the future better than our minds. Here’s hoping the excitement stays with you no matter what happens!

  3. I don’t think you’re anxious for no reason. It’s natural and good to get excited and anxious about things. Dreaming and looking forward is what keeps me getting out of bed each day. It keeps life interesting and very worth living. I’ve noticed that even if the “thing” doesn’t end up happening, the journey and expectation can bring joy. And thinking back on any happiness gained from that “anxious” adventure, before the knowing of the result, can help quell disappointment at times (although I have a feeling this particular adventure will not result in disappointment for you. Just something to use in the future πŸ™‚ ). Good luck!

  4. ALWAYS listen to your gut feeling. I think this is related to your running and/or vegan lifestyle. Stay open to it! πŸ™‚

  5. LOVE excited anxiety! And I hope that whatever it is that’s causing you to feel that way turns out exactly how you want it to πŸ™‚ I feel like any change, whether it’s good or bad, comes with anxiety… simply because we don’t know what to expect and it’ll require us to rework our routines and change things around a bit. Sending you ALL the good vibes!

  6. Girl I am soooo anxious these days but I cannot tell if it’s because I am excited or nervous? Ha! I actually KNOW it is excitement, but I am just stressed at the moment because I have a lot to do before Saturday afternoon when I leave Los Angeles for a month! YOWZA!

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