Link Love [12/20/2015]

In lieu of not posting as much this week, I made sure to get great articles for you all to read instead. I was super busy this week with both work and future planning, so taking time off the blog was needed.ย When I did have a second to chill out and read, I looked for more light hearted posts (from Buzzfeed and College Humor) that made me smile. I also was loving all the articles from blogs I casually read. I find I can relate to those the most and must pass them on. I hope you enjoy thisย dose of knowledge ๐Ÿ™‚


Happy Sunday!

Venn Diagrams That Will Explain Everythingย via College Humor

The Two Cheeseburger A Week Eaterย via Freakonomics

My Friends Live in My Phoneย via Ravishly
19 Things To Make You A Better Cook in 2016ย via Buzzfeed

These Will Be The Biggest Food Trend in 2016 According To Pinterestย via Buzzfeed

Why Your Ideal Weight Isn’t What You Think It Isย via The S-Life Mag and Loved and Worthy of Love

Healthy Food Labels Change How Things Tasteย via Yahoo Health and Keeping It Real Food

My Take On The Social Media Controversyย via Erin’s Inside Job

10 Things Elite Runners Doย via Young and Rungry

Intense Christmas Letter Exchange Between Jeremy and Santaย via College Humor

Lettuce, Bacon and the Environment ย via the Vegan RD


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