When My Mind Goes On a Rampage

I don’t know about you, but when my thoughts get rolling, I know I need to do some self-reflection. This morning I did a bit of cross training while listening to the No Meat Athlete podcast. The podcast was an interview with Dr. Michael Gregor who had just written a book called “How Not To Die”. Essentially, the book is about optimizing diet to live an optimal life. He believes that nutrition is key to a healthy, peaceful existence. 

Some people believe that they would rather live shorter and eat what they want, rather than clean up their diet and leve longer. TBH I see both sides. Gregor argues that the existence in the last 10-20 years of someone who eats poorly will not be optimal at all and they will suffer from disease of affluence (heart disease, cancer diabetes) so that is not really living at all. Someone who eats properly however will have a functioning healthy body and enjoy the last 10-20 years. 

My mind began the cyclic pattern it tends to partake in when I get nutrition information. The “shoulds” versus the “wants”. The “what’s right for me” versus the “what is right for the general population”. I have been dealing with bowel inconvenience lately and have been noticing patterns in my own diet which may be contributing. Quite honestly, it’s a pain to have to use the bathroom four times each morning. It is not fun to be sprinting to the local Burger King because I’m about to lose it on a casual run. I believe this problem may be due to the amount of fibrous veggies I eat (almost 6 cups per day). 

Now, every nutrition book I have read claims that fibrous veggies and fruits are key to a healthy diet. I did not start eating so many veggies for any other reason than it was an easy way to eat more produce and get more vitamins and minerals. The vitamins and minerals in my diet are like the spark plugs for my running. They give me that extra edge I may need to hit workouts. I also take a vitamin B12 and vitamin D supplement for the same reason. I simply thought that adding more veggies to the amount of food I already eat would just help me that much more. While I do think the vitamins from the produce are great for some part of my life, they have been a limiting factor in my runs. 

For me, Dr. Gregor’s advice does not work right now. While listening to this podcast, I wanted to go home and make breakfast with tons of veggies and other things that are nutritionally sound. My mind went back and forth between what I felt I “should” do versus what is “right for me”. RIght now, I need to take in more foods with less fiber, bananas, rice, pasta, juice. Things that do not cause me to use the bathroom. My body needs a rest. A break from the fiber.

It was so crazy how my mind was battling itself over something simple like what to eat for breakfast. Should I listen to my body or should I just blindly follow a nutrition expert? Well, I decided to listen to myself even though it was not “nutritionally optimal”. This was an important reminder that not every body is the same. While someone might need a good fibrous breakfast, I can thrive with something less so. What is healthy for one person is not healthy for others. Even though I know that, my mind wanted me to rebel. I still fall victim to the daemons of my thoughts. Even as a progress on my journey and learn about myself more and more, trusting my body and what I crave is something I still struggle with.

I am not perfect. I struggle every now and then. That does not make me incapable of living an optimal life, it just makes the journey that much more worth it.

What makes your thoughts get going?



  1. Wow – this really is a thought provoking post here girl and I can totally see both sides! Personally I try to eat what I know will positively fuel my body, however I also work really hard not to deprive myself of anything. After being so restrictive for so long, I want to enjoy cakes, cookies, chips etc. However, I just try to make those things at home now! I find even if I am eating a slice of cake with tons of calories and sugars, I feel better about it being homemade because I can use real ingredients. I don’t know…that’s just me I guess! But I like to eat what makes my body feel best, which tends NOT to be processed foods!

  2. It’s difficult when what’s healthy for you is different from what’s healthy for what feels like everyone else! During my recovery, I wanted to eat tortilla chips and guacamole 24/7 (body wanted carbs and fat!), so I did–but of course that isn’t what’s healthy for me now, and it was really hard to shake the feeling that I was being “unhealthy” eating that when I just didn’t feel like protein or fresh veggies! Good for you for making the right decision for your own health, girl! :))

    • Thanks Claire! Sometimes what sounds good to my mind, doesn’t sound so good for my belly. All about listening to the body πŸ™‚

  3. Such a big, important and difficult topic. Atleast it is for me, as this is something I struggle with nearly every day. Its hard – I have a true passion for nutrition and health and so tend to gravitate to anything I hear or read that links to the “latest health trends” or “research finds.” And although many of these things have truth, they all need to be heard with a grain of salt. Yes – broccoli has more nutrients than white flour. We know this. But scientific fact is just that – science. It should be made known, but not taken as law. It is not what is going on inside our own bodies telling us what we need at certain moments and certain times in our lives. The very best “science news” is what our bodies are telling us they need. When they aren’t telling us something, then ya, we can go to our knowledge and choose the broccoli because we know it will give us good things. But too much of anything will actually do more damage than good. Even too much kale. Those cruciferous veggies are actually super tough on our digestive systems and we were not made to consume too much. I think my – and many others’ – sense of how many veggies we should be eating is waaaay above what our bodies actually need. Other food groups have just as many necessary vitamins and minerals. I know I tend to forget this.
    Wow – sorry – I could talk about this topic forever. Thanks for the thought topic!

    • WOWOWOW Thank you for this wise comment! I totally agree with you. I absorb nutrition knowledge on the daily, but always keep in mind what is right for me. Feel free to write a post about this, I’d read πŸ™‚

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