WIAW [12/23/2015]

This weather is great! I have been able to run outside without slipping or freezing my buns off. I know we all wanted a white Christmas, but 60 degrees on Thursday seems like the most wonderful time of the year to me. Now, since it’s been nice and well, not frigid, I haven’t been craving too many comfort foods. Soup has been on the radar for one reason and one reason only, I like to drink it. Why don’t we all drink soup more often? Spoons could be a thing of the past!!

Kidding Amanda.

Today I am linking up with Jenn for What I Ate Wednesday. The party were we all salivate over all the things we cannot fit in our bellies.


Classic breakfast burrito with apples and for some reason I wanted pickles. Yum.


Fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil sandwich with minestrone soup.



I am using this picture again but I had mac&cheese ❤ ❤ ❤



Two broken almond crescents and piece of fudge courtesy of my running buddy Leslie. She made me the cutest package of cookies (all different varieties!)

Do you like almond cookies?

Did anyone else not make any cookies this year? 




  1. Hmm… I definitely jumped on the cookie bandwagon this year. IT was fun. This year was all about letting go of traditions I thought we had to do in order to remember truly that whether or not I DO all the traditions Jesus Christ came and that’s what matters. ❤

  2. Major yum to everything you ate! Especially the pickles–I totally understand random pickle cravings! 😛 I made a TON of cookies this year, but now I’m worried that there won’t be any left for Christmas, because my family is eating them up so fast!

    • Right?! In our house we get so many things given to us, it’s hard to find time to eat everything! I have been taking stuff to work and re-gifting extra cookies. I hate it, but they get hard otherwise.

  3. I love your cup of pickles with breakfast. I used to love those campbell’s on the go soups that you drank out of those microwavable cup things, but I usually dig really chunky soups so a spoon is necessary. I’m making cookies this year, mostly because that’s my brother’s Christmas present ahahahha but it’s the first year since I’ve been on my own and not living at home that I have!

    • True those chunky soups are spoon necessary! I totally love me so thick potato soup! I even eat that cold during the summer months =P

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