I love Winter Running (and why you should too!)

Running in this weather has been great.

Although I know I will be confined to the treadmill when it gets icy (and too cold for my nose), I took time during my long run this morning to reflect on how much I enjoy running outside.

1.) A change of scenery.

This is pretty obvious. Staring at a wall or a TV in the gym can get boring. Even though it is easier to listen to podcasts to keep my mind engaged, the views on some of my runs deep into Ellis Hollow cannot be matched, no matter the story on TV.

2.) Fresh air.

It gets pretty stale inside. The warm “hospital air” (what I call it) that dries out your eyes, makes you even more thirsty while simultaneously giving you a runny nose. Yea, doesn’t happen out doors. I find that my nose even stops running if I am out there long enough. Nature’s healing at it’s best.

3.) Headlamps.

This past Tuesday my friend Leslie wanted to run early, like 5AM early. Well, the sun doesn’t come up until 7AM so we would be in darkness the whole time. I had the opportunity (and necessity) to wear the headlamp I bought for Ragnar. I forgot how cool it is to run with a light! I also like it that the cars can see me better. I do wear reflective gear, but you really have no excuse not to see a headlamp. I kind of feel like an ultra runner with one too!


4.) Winter gear.

This goes along with the headlamp, but there are SO MANY fun things to wear while you run outside. My new favorite are my gloves. I got mine from the Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company and they are a GAME CHANGER! From the Back Country website:

“Craft’s Hybrid Weather Gloves are a two-in-one glove made from a blend of exclusive Craft fabrics. For easy shift and brake lever functionality, the exterior of the inner-glove features silicone grippers at the fingers and palm. Additionally, the pointer finger and thumb tips are smartphone compatible, meaning that they can effectively swipe and select on a phone’s touch screen. The inner-lining uses the soft brushed Flex fleece fabric that is not only warming, but also adds an extra layer of windproof protection. The exterior of the inner glove is made from a laminated polyester knit with an elastic microporous film. Together, the layers’ fabric blend makes for a hand-conforming glove that’s windproof, waterproof, and highly breathable.”

1 2

3 4

I am IN LOVE with these gloves! I specifically like that they are easily removable even if your hands get sweaty. I am someone who needs to get them off quickly if I have a mid-run pit-stop (we all have them) and these gloves slide right off.

I listened to an interview with Abbey D’Agostino last week and she claimed that one of the biggest things she’s gotten from her college and now professional coach was that she’s tougher. They still run in really cold temperatures and do workouts outside. Now, I cannot say I will be doing 400 repeats on an icy track at 5AM, but I have been encouraged to continue running my easy days outside.

That might be my New Years resolution. ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s the coldest temperature you’ve ever run in?



  1. Love these gloves! We’re having unseasonably warm weather on the East Coast, but I definitely need to invest in some good running/biking gloves when the temps do drop. Adding these to my cart.

    I think the coldest temps I’ve ever run in were around 25ยฐ F… That’s pretty cold for this Florida native!

  2. Those gloves look awesome! I have some Brooks running gloves but I’m not sure if they’re heavy-duty enough because my hands will usually still get really cold when I wear them. The coldest temperature I’ve run in was 15 degrees and my hands were FROZEN afterwards, even with my gloves!

    • Once I had to stand outside my apartment with my hands in my pants for 5 minutes so I could warm them up enough to turn the key. Not my best moment ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I realllllyyy wish I loved winter running, but I don’t…at all. I run SO much less in the winter and opt for slower paced workouts. I did use a headlamp last night on a run though for THE FIRST TIME EVER and that was cool. I’ve run at night (at by night I mean 5pm) the last two days and it’s been oddly exhilarating. The coldest I’ve run in was prob 30F.

  4. Nice writeup! I agree with all of your points about winter running. Over the past several winters, and last year in particular, I’ve found that being outdoors in adverse weather conditions can really toughen one up for raceday, even when the race has good weather. This seems to hold true whether you’re
    running in the cold and snow, rain, or extreme heat and humidity,

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