WIAW [12/30/2015]

I totally had a great coffee time post for yesterday, but alas with a doctors appointment about an hour away and other errands calling my name, blogging did not happen. I guess my pictures will have to wait until tomorrow. Not sorry about it, some fun things have been happening πŸ™‚

Without too much more of an intro, today is What I Ate Wednesday, the day of the week where I find out what people who don’t eat PB&J for each meal subsist on. Thanks toΒ JennΒ for the most popular link-up for HLBloggers (not that I am one haha)


Key-lime pie yogurt with bananas and granola. Side of roasted Brussels sprouts leftover from Christmas. I had this weird craving for those veggies. They hit the spot after a chilly walk home from the gym. I never liked key-lime yogurt before, but when things are free…I don’t say no.


Fruit and yogurt parfait leftover from work. Bagel sandwich with avocado, tomato, lettuce, onion and Manchego cheese. This was consumed at like 3:30PM after my doctor’s appointment. They told me not to eat for 4 hours before, but then my appointment was at 1:30…didn’t get in until 2:30 and then I went to Wegmans so I could eat in peace. Needless to say, well worth waiting for!



HOMEMADE ALMOND BUTTER, jelly and banana wrap with beans and dip. I finally succeeded in making my own almond butter. This is the third time I have attempted and I cracked it. Oh the nut butter possibilities!!!

Have you ever made almond butter? How many tries did it take you?

What’s the longest you’ve ever had to wait at the doctor’s office?




  1. I love that you had roasted veggies with your yogurt. Talk about a strange but good combo! πŸ˜‰
    And don’t even get me started on doctors. I literally can’t stand them. Why even make an appointment if they aren’t going to keep it? I’ve actually had the doctor come in and talk to me, excuse herself, and leave me sitting in the dang room for 45 minutes before coming back and finishing the appt. I was like “seriously?!!”

    • I totally did too! Twice before this I failed. My tip, do small batches (1 cup of almonds at a time) and roast them first so the oils release easier.

  2. New reader here! But I love your posts and the fact that you are a runner who loves veggies just as much as I do! Haha I just realized I haven’t had a PB&J in a long time…. but I have been LOVING the PB&CO cinnamon raisin pb, you should try it if you haven’t!

    • I have yet to try that! I think I would really like it though. I looked into getting some PB&Co online but it’s SUPER EXPENSIVE! I might try my hand at making it.

  3. Wow, that bagel sandwich literally is making my mouth water–looks fabulous! I have never actually tried almond butter before, let alone making it. You’d think I would have with my peanut butter obsession! πŸ˜›

  4. Oooooo I see that melty Manchego cheese hiding away. Yummm. Brussel sprouts for breakfast – yep I’m down with this. I make my own nut butters all the time! It’s so gratifying and you can make so many different varieties!

  5. omg those brussels! I love them so much but my tummy does not 😦 Almond butter is hard if you don’t have a rally good blender! Try making your own vanilla almond butter or honey or maple roasted almond butter is great too! No need to go spend your arm on Justins if you can make your own. πŸ˜€

  6. When I tried making Almond Butter using my food processor it would die after about 10 minutes and I would have to keep waiting for it to get more juice to continue. Now I have a vitamix and can make nut butter in a minute. There’s nothing better than homemade nut butter! So glad you got it to work:)

  7. Trust me, I get those vegetable cravings at breakfast time, too. Hence the addition of Brussels sprouts to my savoury oats lately and I was the one taking care of the leftover sprouts from Christmas, too. They’re just so good.
    Congrats on the almond butter success! I haven’t dared trying to make my own yet though finding a way to prepare white almond butter at home would save me so much money.
    That bagel with the melty cheese gets even me as a non-bread fiend hungry …

  8. Holy moly 😱 that bagel looks delicious

    I’ve never made my own nut butter but I would like to! I think the longest I’ve waited for a doctor was over an hour. It was excruciating.

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