Link Love [01/03/2015]

Hey ya’ll! It’s the first link up for 2016! In the spirit of ending things on a good note and beginning the year just as positively, check out some of the best I’ve read this week. A couple ways to motivate you to get outside this winter (because we all need that!), a funny post about baristas and 28 pictures that will make you smile right now! Who doesn’t want that?


2016 was a great year for blogging, reading blogs and meeting people (online) who continue to inspire me. Here’s to another year of link love! Thanks to Amanda for this platform.

Happy Sunday!

Untapped Motivation To Exercise Outside In The Winter via Run To The Finish

Trials of the Barista via College Humor

What My Mother’s Eating Disorder Has Taught Me via Buzzfeed

10 Tips For Running In The Cold via Runner’s World

The Dangers Of Doing Too Little via Science of Running

Ultra-feminist founder of Femen Brazil declares herself pro-life, apologizes to Christians via Life Site Newsstands

Analysis of the Easy Run Debate via Maximum Performance Systems

If you click on any link here, make sure it’s this one:

28 Times My Hope In Humanity Was Restored via Buzzfeed



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