Weekend in Review [12/31-01/03]

I’m not one for long intros…unless I have to ramble, but that’s what this post is about, so I’m going to jump right in. Monday’s are for Week In Review, hosted by Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets. My weekend was pretty low key and relaxing like normal. I think something I need to work on in 2016 is to get out there more. I’m just so darn content having quiet nights by myself. Is that wrong or am I scared of what’s out there? I’ll get back to you on that.

Thursday: New Years Eve

From my Christmas fruit basket!

An easy 10 was on the docket today. It wasn’t too cold out and everything felt pretty good. I got in about 10 miles at a 7:40 pace. I worked until close and came home tired. I randomly started cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. After making some good headway, I stopped and turned on some Netflix. I ended up watching that and falling asleep at a normal time. Party animal right here.

Friday: New Years Day


I woke up Friday to an interval workout of 3×10 minutes at a progression pace ending at 5:20 per mile. It was pretty hard, but I enjoy my speed workouts because they are on the shorter side. Normally they are around a half hour in duration, but still hurt. After this workout, I ate breakfast, cleaned up the house a bit and then went shopping. Both of my jobs are closed for New Years, so I had a real day off. I was just going to sell some clothes at Plato’s Closet, but they were having a $2 sale on all sale items. I ended up buying tons of clothes both for myself and for my mom’s boutique. My sister met me and we went to the mall. I got two pairs of cute boots from Target along with other things I needed. I ended the night cleaning the floors, watching Master of None and reading blogs.


$200 worth of clothes for $40 (success!)

Specific instructions to run easy this morning. I got in 13 miles on icy roads beginning at 6AM. It was really pretty outside and I listened to the Ted Radio Hour Podcast from NPR. I finished that, ate breakfast and went to work at the running store. We got in a bunch of new shoes which I am loving trying on and walking around in. We were slow for some of the day so my coworker and I watched a track meet and commented on the different running styles we’ve seen. Some people are just a natural, while others….well, I probably look like that haha. I finished my shift and headed home. My roommate and I started a funny sitcom called Rules of Engagement. It has David Spade so it’s pretty hilarious. It’s nice to end the night laughing.


My lunch burrito was AMAZING!

Not too out of the ordinary for anSunday. Did a bit of mobility work at the gym. I’m working on hip flexibility to prevent injuries. So far, so problems so I think it’s working. I stopped by work to grab coffee and even though I was working later, my boss asked me to help her until another coworker showed up. I don’t understand why they only put one person on the schedule to open. How frustrating! I helped out for a while and then went home to eat and clean up before coming back in. I also managed to clean out our freezer somehow before I went in as well. It was needed in a bad way. Work felt like it dragged but it was fun to see everyone after some time away. It was pretty slow, but also boring for the last hour. To be expected in the winter. Now I’m home and am going to make some dinner after I finish this post.

What was the best thing about your weekend?

How did you spend New Years Day?



  1. Those lace shirts/dresses that you bought (not sure which they are) are the cutest–I love love love anything with lace like that! The best part of my weekend was definitely getting back to school and seeing my friends again who I haven’t seen since November! 😀

  2. I didn’t go out or stay up late on NYE either. I think it’s an overrated night! Overpriced drinks and crowded bars 😉 Glad you had a great weekend!

    • Thanks Hayley! Overpriced drinks are certainly something I cannot do right now. Too many other things that take up my paycheck haha

  3. Your introductory question is one I ask myself nearly every night. There should be a balance, but I too just love my easy nights at home alone so much. Nice finds at Plato’s closet!! My closet and I are quite jealous.

  4. That lunch burrito looks fantastic. I can see why it would be amazing.

    It’s always good to end an evening with laughter. Too bad I’m usually to tired to see the humor in things after 9 p.m. You get me in the morning though and I think everything is hysterical.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

  5. That is one productive week, and those deals you got for your clothing must of been so satisfying! Good job on all that exercise you did, made me feel a little bad since I failed to have done any type of exercise recently hehe, I will be back on track this week though!

    • Oh don’t feel bad! I’m training so I workout a lot. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t do so much. It’s about what makes you feel good 🙂

  6. I’m catching up on your blog 🙂 Um, yeah, I think we are the same person. I has basically the same New Year’s Eve, followed by an awesome long-ish run New Year’s Day with some tempo thrown in. I watch Master of None while on NetFlix and fall asleep to Rules of Engagement every night (put my tv on sleeper and usually fall asleep within a few minutes. Takes me about a week to watch a full episode. Ha! I LOVE it. I think the female fiance (Oliver Hudson’s fiance) is so pretty and I love Oliver Hudson.)… I’m such a home-body and while I have my running friends, my favorite thing to do after work is go home, make dinner, knit, watch some t.v. and go to bed early so that I can be up early RUNNING! I think I’m just so set in my ways. I also figure “I’m happy. Why change it up? Will changing it up make me UNhappy?” Often if I go out, I wish I were at home instead. Sorry for the ramble 🙂 Love your gym pics!

    • OMG We are twins!!! I love this part of myself even if I wonder if I am lonely. The thing is, I have a very social job so I’m not lacking social interaction at all. Maybe I would be more out going if I worked alone all day.

      • Agreed – I work all day with great people that I talk and laugh with. For myself, I totally justify my “alone time” by knowing that I go to work every day and see people and interact. And I know you sometimes run with people and so do I so it’s not like we are hermits 🙂

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