Coffee Time [Words for 2016]

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday! My cat is loving the snow…as he watches it from inside our warm house. I don’t think he knows how lucky he is. I actually want to talk about that this morning but before I do, let me show you a picture of my drink (it’s not coffee but it works) and let’s chat.


I’ve been reflecting on 2015. Let’s be honest, how can you resist? Resolutions are everywhere and with the new year brings new beginnings and a fresh start. That’s really exciting to think about! I find it hard to forgive myself and move on if I’ve done something wrong or not perfect. The change in the year is like an excuse to forgive yourself. You can start anew (we always can do that you know?) and it feels more allowable to forget things we’ve done wrong. Where does this lead me?

I’m not a big resolution or goal person for New Years. I’m of the camp that if you want to fix something, do it when you think about. I am really impatient so I can’t wait to start something new. In 2016 I will continue with this thinking, so I didn’t make any New Years goals. I did decide to focus my energies a little bit.

It starts with a word. Well, I settled on two words.

The first word is: Gratitude


I have a very wonderful life. I am thankful for everything I have. It is perfect for what I can deal with now. I go through hard times, sometimes I don’t feel so happy, but you know what? Through each one of my so called trials, God has taught me valuable lessons that help me later. I’ve learned to manage my money by having bills. I’ve learned how to train smart through injuries. All these things sucked at the time, but I am really grateful for them now. This year I want to focus on remembering how wonderful my life is. When I do this, I am so much happier and the sucky times suck less.

The second word is: Toughness


I’ve mentioned before that sometimes what separates the good from the great is ability to embrace the hard things. Not only will I try to do that this year, but I want to create tougher things for myself to overcome. The workouts given to me lately have been tough. I would never have put myself through them if it was just me. This is why I asked for them (more on this in a future post). I wanted the tough things to come at me. One example is something I did this morning. It was 12 degrees outside and I had a speed workout at the gym. I ran there in my shorts. It was cold, I was kind of afraid of hating it, but I did it. It was tough. No I did not have a come to Jesus moment (already had that folks) but it sets in place a pattern and standard that I know I can keep up. Doing things that are hard or scare me is not comfortable, but the only way I know I can grow is to get out of that zone.

That’s all for today. Thanks for drinking coffee with me!

What word described 2015 for you?

What word do you want 2016 to focus on?



  1. Gratitude and toughness–I like it!! I agree with Brittany that it’s a neat concept to focus on words versus actual resolutions. I think it leaves room for creativity and doesn’t box you in.

    As for last year, I’d say my word was “growth” and in 2016 I hope my words are “Service” and “Joy”! Thanks for making me thing, Ellie!

    • Thanks! It is part of a set and the other one says “Accio Coffee”. A housewarming gift when my roommate and I moved in together.

  2. Words over resolutions…I like that a lot. I especially like the words you chose. Sometimes life throws things at you that make it seem really hard to handle…but it’s times like those i need to stop and remind myself to reflect on all the good around me. I really have so much to be grateful for and I need to start showing my appreciation in more meaningful ways. Gratitude is one thing you can NEVER have enough of in life.

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