WIAW [First of the year 2016]

My roomie and I have begun to clean our apartment a little bit. What does this mean? I got rid of a lot of bananas that we had in the freezer that, let’s face it, I was not going to eat any time soon. They were really freezer burned and I have not wanted ice cream in a really long time. I think that’s partly due to my slow eating style. Ice cream me,to too fast for me to enjoy it. Now a sandwich? I can milk that for a while!

This week I’m showing my eats from Monday. Two sandwiches and a new way I’m going to make my oats from now on. Thanks to Arman for the idea to take oatmeal to another level of creamy! As always, credit goes to Jenn for the original What I Ate Wednesday link up.



Oatmeal and oranges. What’s in the bowl you may ask? Oats, cocoa powder, protien powder, coconut flour, pumpkin spice PB (it was on sale) and raisins. Seriously the coconut flour gives is a batter like consistency. I picked up a couple staples from the bulk section of my co-op (let’s be real, I’m not a hipster, I would get this at Aldi’s if they had it) and have decided to throw it into my oats. New flour, new texture, excellent!



Spinach wrap with southwest vegetable soup. What’s in the wrap? Chickpea and avocado salad, spinach, onions and sprouts. I have no idea what makes the soup southwest or if they eat soup in the southwest. If I lived in the southwest maybe I would eat more banana ice cream…



Hoagie with roasted butternut squash. What’s on the sandwich? Well when cleaning out our freezer I found some chipotle sausages from Field Roast. I hate spicy food but hate to throw things away. This meant I needed something cool to soothe the chipotle burn. Manchego cheese to the rescue! Spinach, tomato and sprouts may also have made their appearance on there but the true start of the show was the French bread. Oh my stars for the love of Jesus! These rolls from CTB are the most fluffy pieces of delicious I have had in a while! The butternut was roasted to perfection if I don’t say so myself.



I found a bunch of reduced Christmas truffle at Aldi’s that were a must buy. Dollar fifty for the box. Heck yes!

There you have it, what sustained this runner and bageler on Monday.

Do you eat fast or slow?

Ice cream when the temperature is single digits? 



  1. How do you like butternut with the skin on? I eat the skin on most squashes but I’ve never tried it on butternut! I didn’t know it was edible! Is it good? 🙂

    Also, I am so jealous you found pumpkin spice PB on sale!! A flavor like that would totally be the most expensive at my grocery store! What brand was it?

    • Sorry to butt in! I just started on a butternut squash roasting kick and I eat the skin. As long as I cook it really well (I like it really soft and overdone), the skin is delicious. I’ll let Ellie – the person you actually asked 🙂 reply though.

  2. Love ice cream, but my palate for it definitely goes down as the warm weather leaves. I like to eat ice cream slowly – but you can’t really do that unless you want to drink the last part of it. I will always join you on the sandwich train. But damn I’d love some of that fluffy bread you found. My sourdough was getting a little old by today. I was, however, also enjoying a whole lot of christmas truffles this week – yes to sales!

    • Ice cream soup hahaha, I might be willing to give that a go. Your sour dough bread looks so good! I don’t think I want to make bread ever because there are too many ways to screw it up =P

  3. Another way we are similar – coconut flour to the rescue! I make pancakes with the flour and chia seeds almost every single night and put some nut butter and jelly on them. I also eat super slow while watching tv and doing jigsaw puzzles. I prefer to eat alone and kind of meditatively.
    In the winter, I’m definitely a hot beverage person for a post-dinner treat. I have ice cream a few times in the summer when my dad and I go to a shop on Cape Cod. Any other ice cream after having Smugglers’ just isn’t worth having 🙂

      • Well, I’ve read your posts and know you wouldn’t approve 🙂 but I’ve loved the holiday nog – coconut milk and almond milk based ones. So I’ll put some in a mug, add a little water b/c it’s a bit too sweet (for me), nuke it and enjoy the creamy goodness. I bought a container of the mint chocolate beverage but haven’t tried it yet. Will report back 🙂

    • I get mine at a co-op near my house. Normally it’s too expensive to shop there, but they do have some items like this in bulk so I only buy a few dollars worth

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