A Post of Wills

I have to follow up Tuesday’s post with a bit of a disclaimer. I make goals all the time, I just start working on them when I think of them, not on a specific day. Today I thought I would share with you what I have been working on recently and in the past year. These are things I plan to continue doing as they have created so much happiness in my life.


I will stop needing affirmation to feel like I am doing things right. After all, what is the right way? Besides the laws of the Bible governing our morality, there are so many ways to do basic things. My way is just as fine as anyone else’s. I will have the confidence in my decisions.

I will continue to do epic shit. Excuse the language for one second and consider that sentence. What does it mean for me to do epic stuff in 2016?Β Doing epic shit means getting out of my comfort zone. It means getting tough and doing the hard things. It means running outside in the cold. It means trying new things with others even when I am happy to be by myself. It means believing in my abilities and seeing where they lead me. It means getting evaluated and working on areas that I can improve. I will do epic shit.

I will acknowledge that all my emotions are valid and come from within my soul. Just because that is true does not give me license to act on them inappropriately.

I will be present in the moment as much as I can. There is so much more life to be lived in each minute of the day. I do not want to have too many days in a row where I ask myself what happened.

I will stop saying “I should do this” or “I’ve always wanted to…” I will just do it or not do it. The end.

I will get closer to my roommate even though we have completely different schedules and lives. I enjoy her company so much and think we can make more time for each other.

I will become even better friends with my sister. I have worked on this so much this past year and it only made my life better. We can only improve on our relationship.

I will continue to read my Bible and live a Godly life. I will look for other ways to live for Christ and let my actions lead others toward Him.

What is on your list of Wills?



  1. AMEN my beautiful friend!! Let’s do some epic shit together this year!! Push that fear to the side and get to the amazing things that I KNOW God has planned for you and me both πŸ™‚

  2. Love your list. Thanks for making me think.
    I will sign up for events/races/social festivities that I will absolutely DO. In the past few months I’ve been backing out of things I said I was going to do.
    I will take advantage of my free yoga vouchers. I love yoga when I do it… now I just have to do it.

    “should” is my least favorite word and I try never to use it!

  3. Being present in the moment = so, so hard. That, alone, I would say, is a goal for a lifetime–and an epic one at that!

  4. Oh I do love this. Especially the one about doing epic shit. It’s too easy to make excuses when something is a little difficult, but then you fall into this trap and reinforce the idea that you’re not strong/good enough to get it done. Nuh uh. Getting out of the comfort zone is ALWAYS worth it.

  5. I love this! The word “will” basically has “promise” built in.
    The first one is so true… getting out of our comfort zone is something we have to force ourselves to do!

  6. I love how you use just the word “will” instead of “will try”! Your goal about stopping needing affirmation to feel like you’re right is also one of my goals, and such an important one I think.

  7. I love this so much Ellie. Proud of you for getting out of your comfort zone, that’s something I want to do this year. And I know that you will continue to do epic shit in 2016. Can’t wait to read more of your posts this year πŸ™‚

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