Link Love [1/10/2015]

Good morning everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I do not thank my readers enough for helping me become a part of this blogging community. So, THANK YOU! I love reading all the comments and responding to ever thoughtful posts. I hope someday to meet a few of you in person, but I feel like I have chats with you some days of the week, so if that is all it ever is, I am content and happy with that 🙂

This week’s links are some wonderful reads. I hope you find some nugget of wisdom or at least have a smile dance across your face when you check them out. Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week 🙂



Boycott I Run Iran via Ultra Runner Girl

Work For Happiness via Picky Runner

The 30 Most Influential People On The Internet via Time Magazine

4 Convincing Reasons To Run via Run to the Finish

Your Childhood As A Bookword via Bookbub

Mark Zuckerberg’s NY Resolution Is Something We All Do via Mind Body Green

When Picky Eating Becomes A Disorder via Scientific American

Elite Runner Weight Gain via Tina Muir

Disney Look-a-likes You Cannot Unsee via College Humor

Take Your Fucking Lunch Break via Jezebel



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