Weekend In Review [First Race Since October!]

Whew what a weekend! I find I really look forward to these recaps because it reminds me of the fun memories in the past few days. Sometimes I find myself at the end of a week and wonder what I actually do. Of course I worked, ran, read, hung out with Gennie…but what actually happened?

So thank you to Meghan for Week In Review link-up! It might be my favorite post of the week ๐Ÿ™‚



I woke up an since I had a race on Sunday, this was my rest day. I also had the day off of work so I read blogs while I ate breakfast and cleaned up my house a bit.


Chocolate PB oatmeal tasted so good!

I then did errands and went to the library to pick up a few books. I finished The Sports Gene by David Epstien and Everyday I Fight by Stuart Scott. Both were fabulous reads and I highly recommend them for anyone interested in the science of sports or the life of a father battle cancer in the sports world.


Then I got called into work a couple hours for my coworker’s shift. It was relatively slow, so I didn’t mind.


I ran 6.5 miles on the treadmill and hit a few strides to get some turnover for the race the next day. I made some green overnight oats to bring with my to work which got me from 9-3 when I finally ate lunch.


My coworkers and I haveย a running Instagram message to each other about our lives and things we find funny. My coworker sent this to me about an hour after we had the conversation about bills, getting things fixed and buying stuff.


After work I did some mobility training to keep my legs loose, read for another hour, ate dinner and called it an early night.


I woke up around 6:30 to a downpour. I did my usual pre-race run at the gym watching the Food Network, went home to chill and mentally prepare while eating breakfast. Pre-race meal of PB&J&Banana wrap of course and I drank coffee this morning because I knew the race was too short to necessitate a bathroom break. Normally I avoid coffee before races.

I got to the race and attempted to warm up, but even after a couple laps, it was still pouring so where I was at was about the warmest I was going to get. This was my first 5K (first actual 5K) and so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleased with my time of 18:40 and think it is a good baseline to build from. The rain stopped about 5 minutes after I finished and so I snapped a picture with my friend Leslie (she is an AMAZING runner and I am lucky to run with her usually each week when I don’t have to work)


We cooled down together for a few miles then parted ways as I wanted to shower and defrost and she was going to breakfast with her boyfriend.

After my shower I read for a bit before decided I should probably eat lunch. I roasted a squash and had a CTB broccoli and cashew burrito. I meant to only eat half the squash, but it was really tasty so I ate the whole thing. I didn’t do anything fancy to roast it, just plain squash with so much flavor.



After lunch I felt like I needed to move a bit or I knew I would get really sore tonight and tomorrow. So I got a dressed up (lol) and got some groceries.


I hit up Maine Source and they had a sale on broccoli and cauliflower (high protein veggies and my favorite!). They are a bulk supply store for restaurants but I eat a lot of certain things so if I need a bunch of some item, they are where I go. I then went to Walmart for spoons and came home with salted caramel PB and cheese cup-of-soup noodles (guilty pleasure). At Walmart they had these Chobani yogurts that made me want to throw up. Seriously who would eat this?!?!


My last stop was Rite-Aid because I forgot to buy Hot Hands for my run tomorrow morning and figured they would have them. Rite-Aid was having an after Christmas sale so I got some really cheap candy. Success!

My parents were in town getting dinner and they stopped over for the bag of clothes I got my mom from a $2 sale at Plato’s Closet last week. Made myself $40 cha-ching! They just got back from vacation to the Carolinas and my mom gave me a couple pairs of socks they bought me down there. Not sure why people who live in that climate need warm wool socks, but I am NOT complaining! Thanks Madre!


Now I’m going to read a bit, eat dinner and get to sleep!

Have you ever raced in the rain? How did you warm up?

On a completely unrelated note, who else is OBSESSED with the song I Know What You Did Last Summer?





  1. Congratulations on your race and good for you for not letting the weather deter you. I have run a half marathon in the pouring rain and I “warmed up” by staying in the porto-potty until the start of the race. Gross, yes. Dry though. Ha!

  2. I’m so glad you enjoy the WiR link up so much. It’s one of my favorites too and I love you having you at the party every week.

    Great job on the race. That is really fast!! I’m impressed, and I would have eaten the entire squash too.

  3. Salted Caramel PB!? Who makes this beauty? But ya, please don’t start liking siracha-mango things on me. Although then I’d have to try it myself :s.
    Congrats on the race – especially toughing through the rain. Sounds pretty fast to me.

  4. I like the song “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” too! When I first heard it, I was like “ehhh” but it grew on me. LOL about your parents getting you socks from the Carolinas. Oh well! I feel like I always need socks for some reason?! Anyways… sriracha mango yogurt. Hmmmm. I don’t know about that!

    Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend, though!

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