What I Ate Wednesday [I Don’t Care About Your Green Drink]

Romans 14:17 “For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”

Wow, what a good devotional for today! I think it ties in perfectly for what Jenn was thinking when she started WIAW. It’s not a place to compare or base your day, but a space to appreciate all the good stuff we can slam into our tummies.

Honestly, when I am reading some of the posts, I am jealous not of someone’s green smoothie, but of the delicious plate of nachos or huge sandwich I wish I had devoured. Sure, green stuff is hip and has it’s place, but usually if that is the main picture, the blog becomes kind of drab for me. I would rather see colors, textures and flavors than a green thing with who knows what in it. I don’t taste the deliciousness that it may be, I see salad…in liquid form.

Some foods take good pictures, smoothies…not so much.

However, I do recognize that it is a full day of eating and therefore, just as I am truthful in what I post, I assume others do as well. If you didn’t eat a glorious salad full of colors or huge pancakes with syrup, that’s not you WIAW. If you drank a smoothie, than you can tell me to SHUT MY FACE and drink your smoothie.

You do you.

And I’ll do me. Let’s get on with it shall we?



I haven’t had this combo in a while! After having two bananas mashed with protein powder, chia seeds and topped with PB for a solid month, I took a break. This morning it felt right. I was listening to a podcast and they sang a random song about Sax with Mangos and suddenly I was craving bananas…WEIRD. I didn’t have mangos, so apples did the job. What I would give for a mango right now 🙂



The salad bar at CTB has been really pleasing to the eye this week. We’ve got black bean salad, marinated veggies, tofu speidies, and tons of other great looking stuff. So I made a salad from that, but that was not the star of this show. The split pea soup held center stage! It was ON POINT! You know I used to hate pea soup when my mom made it when I was younger. It was honestly gross and made me super thirsty. This soup was phenomenal! I took home about two days worth for Gennie and I. Can’t wait for replay tomorrow!


3 4 5

I just wanted something easy and comforting after my long day. I made a yogurt bowl with some roasted nuts, a bowl of greens and some Breakfast Chocolate PB Banana Brownies. I really need to make these more often. They have 6 ingredients and take 3 minutes to prep and 40 minutes to bake. I made these at 8:46 the morning in a food processor while my roomie was sleeping. She did not wake up. Seriously. Even though my FP is loud AF. No waking. Yes, I am a horrible person, but I wanted brownies.

That was my day.

Do you think smoothies take good photos?

What is your fruit craving today? 



    • Nope its regular but I do have some whips that I got on sale after Christmas at Aldi’s! I’ll never say no to dollar PB

  1. I definitely have had a few times where I have been putting together a WIAW and thinking, oh my, this is a HORRIBLE day of food. But I posted it anyway because #reallife, right? I’d rather see the person who occasionally eats brownies for dinner than the boring AF person who eats the same green drink/pretty salad/broiled chicken every.

    • So true Morgan! I am trying to teach myself how to photo edit, but I don’t think a smoothie looks all that great no matter the filter haha

    • Toppings for the win! I usually mix in my toppings before a picture is taken…so it still looks like green sludge. No matter, I’m the one enjoying it so that’s all that matters.

  2. Ironically, I have just gotten into green smoothies, and the ones I do are really, really simple, but before that point, I was totally with you: fruit goes in smoothies, greens go in salad (and stir fries and eggs and….)
    The Romans passage is also so insightful. Somethings I feel a little ambivalent about the obsessing over food thing that we do here in the blog world. I totally do it, but perhaps it distracts from what’s really important.

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