Five Things Friday [Team Impi]

1.) I was honored to be a part of the Impi Team this year! I love Balega socks because the have a great fit both for running and for everyday. I applied to be an ambassador of sorts a couple weeks ago and was chosen. I have learned the importance of great socks throughout this past year of running. The blisters I used to get were so painful, but I accepted them as a part of the “rite of passage” to become a runner. This is not so! Blisters mean bad shoes or bad socks and should be avoided. I was first turned on to Balega socks when I began working at the running store this past summer. Available is many colors and fits, this sock is of the highest quality and performance.



Balega’s fabric is made with a drynamix air conditioning system that manages moisture allowing for air movement through the shoe. This means your feet don’t sweat.



The soft material promises a cushion for your joints and holds out for the long run.

High performance technology, including a high thread count, makes the socks last longer which is super important for the amount of times I was socks. I used to try to wear the same pair of socks for multiple runs…not a good idea. The durability of Balega socks means I can wash them many times with no further wear.

Now for the blister rest instance, drynamix, along with mohair wool creates the best anti-blister protection out there. The wool wicks moisture away while drynamix technology increases air flow. The v-tech arch support in the sole shapes to the contours of your foot for no unnecessary rubbing. That is one structured fit!

In short, these socks are DA BOMB! (on fleek?) and I am so ready to spread the love. Treat your feet well and they will carry you for countless miles.

2.) My knee blew out this Monday and it was a terrible experience. However, icing and pain reliever have reduced the swelling and I am able to run easy. Thanks to coach for her encouragement and wise advice. No thanks to Sterling who has suddenly decided he wants to lay on my knees.  Yesterday’s post was hard to write because it led to some dark self exploration. Thankfully I ran yesterday morning and felt no pain. My knee pops sometimes when I walk, but it doesn’t hurt. This morning (I am writing this Thursday) the plan is 9-10 miles and I plan to conquer the same route as Monday and face the fear. No chickening out for this girl.


3.) I finished two books this week mostly due to my reduced TV watching and trying to keep my mind off my bum knee. Everyday I Fight by Stuart Scott was a great autobiography about the late ESPN newscaster we lost to cancer last year. It was an enjoyable read both with sad and funny moments. Summer Secrets by Jane Green was just the feel good chick lit I needed to get through the first night with my injury. Seriously this book kept the sadness at bay. If you ever need a funny, poetic and also thoughtful ready, Jane Green is the author for you. She is English so some of the terms are different, but the humor is wonderful. I have read almost all her books and they touch on topics that I as a woman think about. Check them both out.


4.) I made Flourless Chocolate PB and Banana brownies on Tuesday when I found out I could walk. I was so I. The mood and happy, so I baked! Thank you so much to Gennie for not being mad (or even waking up) when I turned on the food processor at 8:46 AM. She’s the best and I am blessed to have her as a roommate. To be fair, she did make the apartment smell like fish on Tuesday night when she cooked for her boyfriend. That was kind of gross, candles were lit my friends.


5.) I have run through the Scott Palani shoes after I realized that Strava did notify me of the 500 mile mark through email. Problem is that I usually delete all the notifications from Strava without reading them. Guess I should pay a bit more attention, I got up to700 miles in those babies and they were still feeling good. I’m back to my beloved Kinvaras forgot but have my eye on. The Brooks Pure Flow 5 or the Disney Princess New Balance shoe I saw on Twitter a couple days ago. If my boss can get them for me,I’m getting them. Not sorry at all.


6.) More than 5 things today! I’m on a roll here. Cool mornings here mean I want some warm oatmeal for breakfast. The first bowl is chocolate and PB and the second is vanilla with cranberries…topped with PB. I want to start putting watermarks on my photos and work on learning Pinterest. It’s a work in progress but I’m getting there. I’m taking a low stress approach to this because my blog is fun, not my money maker ya know?


7.) Alan Rickman died yesterday after losing a battle to cancer. For any Harry Potter (or Love Actually) fan, this is such a sad moment. We hated Snape until he turned into someone we not only loved but rooted for. I think a retread of the books to honor Rickman’s memory is in order here. Who’s with me?

That’s all for me today.

Be sure to check out Heather’s blog for more Friday fun!

What is your favorite sock?

Any Pinterest tips for me?



  1. So glad you found Balegas! I will not wear any other running socks. I’m in love and by them in bulk for fear of ever running out of them. After having an awful blister during a marathon BEFORE finding Balegas, I never want to experience that again. I haven’t had a blister in 4 years!
    Yes, so sad about Alan Rickman. I loved his acting.
    YES to Jane Green! The first book I read by her was Mr. Maybe. I think it’s one of her earlier ones – it’s fabulous and I highly recommend.
    Hope your run went okay yesterday and that you have a fabulous weekend. (loving your new blog look)

    • Thanks Amanda! The aesthetic changes are coming along and it’s been fun to plan my redecoration. I think I may have read Mr. Maybe but there are so many I might as well reread hahha

  2. so sorry to hear about your knee:( looks painful girl. i just started a book club and were picking our feb book to read on my blog! id love for you to vote and join along 🙂 glad i found your blog through the linkup! hope youll stop by mine!

  3. It’s so sad about Alan Rickman. Snape was truly a hero!
    The knee pain sounds terrible… I’m so sorry you are dealing with it! I hope you are able to get the rest you need.
    Also, it’s kind of give and take with roommates, right? Fish for brownies?

  4. I wish I could give you some advice on Pinterest, I’m not great with it either! Happy that you are back out there running and doing what you love. 🙂

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