Click Bait [01/17/2015]

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Good Morning everyone! I hope you are all having a restful weekend wishing it were longer. You know, I like a balance of wishing the weekend were longer, but also happy to see my coworkers when I get back to work on Monday (or whenever my weekend happens to be). Because I have two jobs, I am lucky that I get a balance having two sets of responsibilities and working with two sets of people.

This week I have a goal at the running store; read the anatomy book my boss gave me to be able to help understand the differences between shoes. Sure they all look different, but why do they work great for some people and horrible for others. I plan to get a handle on that this week.

Things are changing on my blog. No longer am I Ellie Slices Bagels, but have now changed to:

Eating Pavement

Why the change? Well, I was having more fun experimenting with different things I could do for my blog, actually editing photos, deleting old posts and realized I am a completely different person than I was when I started this. I felt like I needed something that better represents me.

I’ll go more into detail about the new name at a later date. It’s really fun to edit photos on my breaks at work! Mostly I just play around with all the different free photo editing apps until I get something I want.

Well, enough blabbing, enjoy the “click bait” this week! I know I sure did. Also, check out the recipe I posted yesterday! If you’ve never had a Nanaimo bar, after making this oatmeal, you sure will need to have one soon!


And have a happy Sunday!

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    • Aw man SUZE commented on my post! You know you’ve made it now haha
      I hope I don’t literally eat anymore pavement in that way! I also think of the title as a metaphor for running. Like “miles for breakfast” Thanks for commenting!

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