What I Ate Wednesday [Mad About Macaroni]

What a chilly day yesterday was! There are days that have snow, there are days that have sub-zero temperatures…and then there are days with a mix of both and include wind. That was yesterday. Days like that are what treadmills are made for, that’s all I have to say about that.

Side note: myย badass coach ran outside. Just saying, I recruited the best. Not sure if I can live up to her standards (tehehe)

Now that I have officially made you three degrees colder, let’s get to the meat (or macaroni) of this post. What I Ate Wednesday is the most delicious day of the blog-work-week. Thanks to Jenn for the link-up.



I am back on the banana mush train for now. It might have to do with the abundance of bananas I was gifted last week, but I never complain about brown bananas. After my rather sweaty run, I mashed two bananas, added a scoop of vanilla protein powder, a tablespoon of coconut flour and a spoonful of chia seeds to a bowl. Gave it the good old mix and then topped with a gloop of PB. Stay classy everyone.



Everytime I think it’s a good time to eat at the running store, a customer comes in and I sell a pair of shoes. Therefore, I think that I should attempt to eat lunch multiple times a shift and see if we sell more shoes. I think it would be a delicious experiment. Today I had something from CTB called “Mad About Macaroni” and I love that title. It’s extra cheesy and made with spiral noodles. We all know spiral noodles are the best cheese noodles because they hold onto more cheese. I added some roasted broccoli and garlic in there because that is just tasty. On the side I had the last of my sweet pickles. I need to get more of those ASAP!



I haven’t had Kombucha in a loooooooooooooooooooooong time. These drinks with chia seeds were expired at work…but we all know letting a fermented drink sit longer (not too long of course) makes it better. This hit the spot and I sipped it for the rest of my shift


4 5

More bananas are necessary for this babe. I made a PB&J&Banana wrap. I also tossed in some granola that I am addicted to from CTB. It’s honey roasted and has almonds, dried cherries and tons of sweetness. It tastes delicious on top of PB&J. I also enjoyed a bowl of my favorite greens (peas and broccoli)



I usually only have yogurt when I get it free. I got about 10 cups of free vanilla and blueberry chobani from work, so I’ve been making small desserts with them when I don’t have my chickpea blondies to eat. This bowlย was yogurt, protein powder and white chocolate M&Ms (the leftovers from my brownies).

I am pretty satisfied with my day of eats. It was tasty, fueled me and I didn’t overthink anything. Sometimes I get in my head and try to get more nutrients out of the food I eat. After all, I am running consistently and want to maximize the training I do. The only way to get the most out of training is to recovery appropriately by eating and resting. Some days I get anxious to be perfect with nutrition. This is not realistic. I do what I can and enjoy what I eat. That is the way to be the best runner I can.

Do you have a favorite Mac&Cheese recipe?

If you had an abundance of bananas, what would you make?



  1. So many yummy eats here!! That yogurt bowl looks delish. If I had a lot of bananas I’d probably make banana bread or banana ice cream/smoothie bowls!

  2. I love your day of eats, this would be perfect for me! I love mac and cheese but don’t really have any special recipe, I also love any pasta with tomato sauce on top. And those sweet gherkin pickles are my all time favorites!!!

    I would make a nice moist banana bread with choc chips in it.

    (I hope your knee is healing well)

    ~ jade

    • Thanks Jade it is! I finally got a long run in today and the knee felt great. Banana bread is lovely, bonus if chocolate chips are involved!

  3. Holy pickles there girl! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Mac & cheese is my favorite. I’ve only made it once since going gluten-free, simply because I tend to save it for special occasions. I can’t limit myself very well when that stuff is in the house hahaha

    • Yea gluten free pasta is expensive! It’s so funny that the cheapest things for regular diets are the most expensive gluten free. Kind of stinks ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. I love this cheese tortellini from trader joe’s. I enjoy plain, cooked pasta/ravioli/tortellini with salt sprinkled on top. Hmm. love bananas! I like to cut them up, put them in a cup with water and microwave for a minute or 2. the water gets this awesome banana-flavor that you can drink and the bananas warmed up are delish.

    Your day of eats looks perfect to me! I’d eat it all.

    • That sounds like a great idea!!! Plain pasta with salt? Hmm…change the salt to parmesan cheese and I’m all for that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I love me some pickles – all kinds. I even like pickled eggs!
    Your experiment is so funny! The same thing would happen to me at frozen yogurt shop when I’d be the only one there.

  6. I am a big BIG fan of kombucha and especially the raw and organic kind! I have been experimenting making my own but so far I prefer the store bought stuff!

  7. “A gloop of PB” I love it! If I had a load of bananas, I would make a ton of banana bread! Hope you’re having a great week Ellie :))

  8. I have to say that banana mush bowl sounds amazing! I loooooove adding coconut flour to stuff like that! It has such a good texture. And yay for free work food! I love when I get to bring stuff home from panera! Nothing nearly as good as the stuff you share though. I would love if you did a post on why you decided to change up your eating habits! I think it’s awesome and I am really curious. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. “Stay classy people” –> that really cracked me up haha! Who cares if it’s classy when it’s DELICIOUS ๐Ÿ™‚ Also highly agree with your spiral noodle logic. And I love what you said about not obsessing over your nutrition being the healthiest thing for you.

    • Thanks Jacklyn! I love the name Jacklyn, it’s so pretty! I actually love eating the Easy Mac with the shapes like Sponge Bob or Toy Story. The shapes hold on the cheese SO WELL!

  10. Murphey’s Law.. that’s what that is. Just keep eating and you’ll sell out the whole store! Spiral noodles are the best, you are totally right. No other noodle keeps hold of all the cheesy goodness as perfectly. Mmmmm cheesy noodles. And damn your pickles look scintillating. With the amount of people commenting on them – I think we all need more pickles.

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