One Of The Best Things About Running

Last week I shared a post about the harder parts of running; taking time off.

On the flip side, there are so many awesome things that running has given to me. This morning I recieved a card from my younger sister. In the card she wrote that she was so happy we both have a common interest in running and that we’ve found something to share together.


I was already happy having finished a long run that morning, and this was like the sprinkles on top of the perfect ice cream cone. No one likes the cherries, so let’s go with rainbow sprinkles.

One of the greatest things about running is the relationship it has given my sister and I. I have run for a few years now and always felt like I could never share this passion with my family. They don’t run so they just don’t get it. I imagine that’s how they feel towards me when they talk about hunting. I just nob appropriately and try to ask questions to move to conversation along. It works but it’s not ideal.

Fast forward to last December. My sister invited to me to the It’s a Wonderful Run 5K with her just for fun. It was snowy and cold but it was something we could do together. Was that the best sisterly experience we had ever had? No. But it opened the door.

We had something in common besides long legs and brown hair.


After that race, she told me she was thinking about signing up for the Skunk Canbage half marathon in April. I was planning to run the race too, so I encouraged her to sign up. She planned on doing it with her friend, but unfortunately that friend was dealing with an injury and bowed out. My sister didn’t though. She trained through the winter and although nervous, showed up on race day.

Before Skunk, we did a training race together in Rochester. Oh my God this race was all sorts of disaster but memorable because it was the first time we travelled to a race together. We drove through a blizzard, raced in a blizzard and laughed all the way home about how insane it was that we just ran in that. I remember telling her that if she could run in that, the half marathon would be a cake walk.

1 3

Two weeks later, we both ran the half marathon and she came in just around two hours. I was blown away that she could race that fast for her first half and cried when she finished. She cried too (half from pain, half from elation).

4 5

Since then she has done a few other 5ks and one other half marathon with plans on another this April.

Aside from running, we also spend time together now. She shop, eat and just converse regularly like sisters do. For a brief period of time, I was unsure if we would ever have a relationship. We were just too different.

Tough Turtleinsideout3

The great thing about life is that things change. People change and life gets better because of it.

Now, she’s not just my sister and running buddy, she’s one of my best friends.

Who is your running best friend?

Have you ever thought someone would never change and then they did?



  1. I love this. Relationships with siblings are so important. I wish I were closer with my sister. It’s something I definitely want to work on this year. She is all for having a close relationship but I’ve been more reserved. It’s time to put myself out there and make a change for the better! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. That’s definitely an awesome byproduct of running! I’m an only child, but I always wished that I had a brother or sister. Or at least some more family that was my age on this side of the pond. As it stands, all I have are my parents because the majority of my family lives over in Poland. BUT… I guess that’s what good friends are for 😀

  3. My dad never exercised when I was growing up. Now he is obsessed with his daily 3 mile walk. It’s awesome! Whenever I visit, he and I can go out for a walk (even though he and my mother are married, the mother/daughter relationship no longer exists. So this is a great thing I can share with my dad. We all have our family issues I guess :)).
    Awesome that you and your sister have reconnected. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That is such a blessing! I love that God has given me a lot of opportunities to run with my siblings in races. They are like my motivators, because my brother is faster, my sister is tougher, and my other sisters just really know how to not get stressed about times and have fun… 🙂 So many blessings…

    • Yea I used to think my brother would be my racing buddy (he did hurdles in track) but now I think he is devoting more time to ministry and less to running, which is also great!

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