Fast Friday #1

Good day all! Made it through another week and now the reward is a couple days to relax and do something for ourselves. I’ve done Friday posts before, but struggled to find out what I like to share. I love Friday Favorites by Heather, but find that I don’t have enough favorite things each week. Well, I probably do, but I think my new Friday posts will be a better reflection of my blog interests.

What is that you may ask? Well my weekly runs of course!


Following a set plan is kind of fun because it’s different every week. I never look too far ahead in advance because I would rather focus on the current workout. For example, if I am trying to hit a long run, I don’t want to be thinking about the intervals I have to do two days later. That will affect my performance on the present workout.

Not my thing. I tell my coach to surprise me. Well, enough banter, let’s get into my weekly runs!


Monday: Tempo Intervals

I did 2 sets of 3×800 meters with 3 minutes of easy in between. The first 800 was at 6:00 and each 800 got progressively faster. The last interval was fast, but I felt confident I could do it. I still had some lingering doubt from my knee injury. I just don’t want to do anything to disrupt the healing.

Tuesday: Easy 8-9 miles

I did 8 miles on the treadmill beginning a bit faster than my knee wanted. So I slowed down and my knee warmed up and I felt relatively good. I say relatively because the days after a speed workout is always done on fatigued legs. Confidence was still lacking.

Wednesday: 15-16 mile long run

This workout was clutch. The first five or so we at a normal pace, then my instructions were to go at slower than MP for two miles, at MP for two and then faster than MP for 2. Each two mile segment had two minutes of easy in between. This run was important because I am teaching myself how to take in calories while running. I choose tailwind in my bottle and was really successful with it. It went down easy and I felt no stomach upset. After the 6 harder miles, I had 4 easy left to get to 16. I felt my confidence return a bit with this. I missed doing a long run last week and my long run the week before left a lot to be desired. I am still nervous about doing 26 miles at that pace, but I’ll get there.

Thursday: 9-10 miles normal run

I did about 10 miles in 1:15 and didn’t feel sore until after. It was weird. The minute I stepped off the treadmill my quads were like HELLO! I did a bit of easy bike afterwards to massage them out and they felt better. I listened to the Rich Roll podcast and it featured his wife Julie. I seriously love the banter between them. They have their problems, but somehow they balance each other #lovegoals

Friday: 3×10 minute with 2 minute rest

I have not done this yet as I write this post Friday night…but I assume it went well hahaha I have come to enjoy my faster days even if they sometimes make me feel sick. It’s all part of the process. I can’t wait to do these outside!

What was your favorite way to workout this week?

Tell me your favorite exercise gear!



  1. This week I did a good workout on the arc trainer and stairmaster! Favorite workout gear is my brooks sneakers 🙂 hope you have a great day Ellie!

  2. I have always loved 800 repeats for some reason. My marathon training starts in a couple weeks and I’m excited for the faster repeats!
    My favorite workout this week was actually on the treadmill – which I usually hate!! It was 8 pm and I was just ready to be done so I cranked up the speed and ended up running the fastest 6 miles I have in a long time!!

  3. I loved the long run that I did on our day off. It was a fast jaunt down the east river with a good friend of mine 🙂 Always fun to work out with friends!

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