High Protein Banana Bowl [gluten-free, vegan, delicious]

Alright guys, this is it. This is the breakfast I would have if I was on death row and got to choose my last meal. Ok, that’s intense, but watching Orange Is The New Black causes me to answer tough questions.


But seriously, this is my favorite meal. Not just breakfast. When the bananas are plentiful, I eat this twice a day. It just gets me, you know?


On Wednesday, I did a long run. It was challenging in that smack dab in the middle I had 6 miles at marathon pace. My marathon pace is still really fast for me at this point because I am not in marathon shape. I’ll get there, but it’s a process. As my coach says when I tell her my doubts “remember to drink, we’ll get there.”


I cannot remember a time when I didn’t love bananas. Oh wait, when mom gave me a green one in my lunch and blocked me up for the day, I kind of resented them…for an hour until I remedied that with a brown one. The only thing wrong with bananas is the waiting period for them to get ripe…after that, I cannot imagine another perfect food.

“What’s there for a snack,” I would ask as I was stepping off the bus.

“Um…how about some crackers with peanut butter?” Mom would answer.

“Do we have bananas?”

“Yes of course.”

“Can I have that instead?”

“Yes, just make sure to leave at least a little peanut butter left.”

“Hmmfmdkksmdndn…” Banana already in my mouth and searching for the PB jar.

Who washes down a snack with milk when there is peanut butter to be had I will never know.

And that was everyday after school. Bananas are cheap, energy dense, sweet and compliment other flavors very well. They add an element of sweetness that just makes things better. I don’t know how else to describe it…so I won’t. I’ll let the recipe speak for itself.


This is perfect for the person who wakes up starving or is returning from a gym class or lift session. Protien from the addition of powder, carbs from bananas, fats from peanut butter and chia seeds, it kind of hits all the spots. I got the coconut flour idea from Arman and it kind of rocked the socks off my runner feet. Thanks dude!

Now I know there are so many variations of this and I didn’t know people actually called this a recipe. I just through the I was being crafty…but if people want to know what my daily post run breakfast is, here we go!


High Protein Banana Bowl [gluten-free, vegan, delicious]

2 browning bananas

1 scoop vanilla protien powder (I use sweetened)

1 T coconut flour

1 t chia seeds

2-3 T peanut butter

Mash the bananas in your favorite bowl. Add the powder, flour and chia seeds incorporating slowly. If you want banana chunks, which I sometimes do, don’t over mix. Top with the peanut butter. Enjoy like this or microwave for 30 seconds so the PB melts.

I also sometimes add cinnamon or cocoa powder if I want a different flavor combo, but I think original is best.

Check out Amanda’s and Arman’s blogs today for more banana recipes!


Do you have your own banana bowl variation?

What would your last meal be?



  1. Ha! I like how the first thing you say to your mom is, “What’s there for a snack?” That’s about how conversations with my mom tend to go too. Good thing they love us!

  2. Ellie, you have outdone yourself. This looks AMAZING. My last meal would definitely be pancakes! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. I’m glad you finally wrote out a formal recipe to your classic breakfast! I agree, there is little worse than a green banana. Maybe an overly ripe avocado? I don’t know, but speckely is my favorite.

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