Click Bait [01/24/2015]

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Good morning everyone and happy Sunday!

Boy I am exhausted right now! I just got home from work and upon walking in the door, it hit me.

A truck.

Ok, maybe it was more the cats that ran to my feet that sealed the deal, but I am ready to put my feet up, eat some dinner and read before bed.

I just noticed that I am light on links this week. Every blog I read this week was quite great and I forgot to recommend most of them.

Actually, what the hey, I’ll add them now.

Friday Favorites via Blissful Lyss reminded me to be like a pineapple

Acceptance In Recovery via Loved and Worthy of Love reminded me to accept my body no matter where it’s at.

One Day At A Time via Beauty In Christ told Cora’s story of taking things as they come.

Thinking Out Loud via Pinch Of Pure Bliss reminded me how to be an adult

When A Good Eater Gets Picky via Morgan Manages Mommyhood reminded me that I am still a three year old child sometimes.

How To Make Your Own Energy Bars via Katalyst Health reminded me how much I love brownies.

Ok…whew, had to give credit where it’s due and I love these blogs! Now for some other fun around the internets… Have a wonderful day!

How To Navigate A Race via Jane Runs Wild

6 Types of Crappy Hugs via the Oatmeal

Run Faster With No Watch via Tina Muir

A Little Secret: You Don’t Need To Lose Weight To Love Yourself via KEARA!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

The Time The Supermarket Went Over The Top via Buzzfeed

Interview With Retired Elite Runner Ryan Hall via Runner’s World

My Thoughts On The Rum Gum Lawsuit via Ask Lauren Fleshman



    • That’s really cool Charlie! I think with Ryan’s retirement, now is Sarah’s time. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for her.

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