Fast Friday #2 [Training Log]

It’s been a great week! Time to recap!


Monday: Steady State Intervals: 30:00 minutes, 4.9 miles

I was really nervous for this run. I haven’t run five miles at 6:00 pace in a long time and certainly never in a workout. It was tough but I felt strong enough to do it. I really need to start believing in myself more and my abilities. The true test will co e later when I take these workouts outside. I know I can do it, I just need a kick in the pants to believe it.


Tuesday: Easy Run: 63 minutes, 8.3 miles + 1.7 on treadmill to get to 10 miles

I did the loops around the parks this morning and felt relatively good. I’m trying to take my easy runs slower and keep ,y heart rate down. Easier said than done when it’s cold. I want to get it up to warm myself, but this takes time. This was also my first run outside since my fall. Big mental breakthrough!


Wednesday: Long Run: 2h9m, 16.55 miles

I did this up and around Ellis Hollow and went up some hills. I tried to relax as much as I could even when my hands got numb. I was unable to practice my nutrition on this run because holding hot hands is not conducive to also holding my bottle of tailwind. Instead I took a honey stinger waffle in my pocket, but when I went to open it, my hand were so numb I couldn’t do it. Oh well, the intent was there. Towards the end, the last two miles, snow was pelting me in the eyes, but I was just happy I had run that far outside. Huge mental stuff for me this week guys. I think that’s sometimes worse than physical pain.


Thursday: Normal run: 10.2 miles, 1:20:40

This was terrible. I’m so glad this was a recovery day because it was rough. I didn’t sleep much Thursday night and did more walking at CTB than I planned. I got out there and was cold and not in a good headspace. The only reason I got through that was listening to the endurance planet podcast and Tawnee speaking about the importance of going slow and training the base. It honestly felt worthless before I reframed my thoughts. I decided the sunrise was worth the view (it was beautiful) and it was a mental training day. I also was probably working on my fat burning which will come in handy during the marathon. Not every run feels 100%. I should probably, talk to my coach about the doubts creeping this week.

Friday: Longerish run

I have not done this yet, but because I am working at 7 I think it will be easier to do Saturday’s run instead of Friday’s workout. I think I’ll head up the hills into Ithaca again if the roads aren’t too bad. I also should buy Yak Traks today and get used to them in case I need them for Saturday.


Thoughts on the week:

Really tough mentally. I hate doubting my self and what I’m capable of. I think the reason is because my coach pointed out that although I have been hitting workouts, I’ve been doing them on the treadmill which helps control the pace. This is much different than outside and now I think that all the past workouts were worthless. I need to email her my concerns and ask she help out my confidence. I guess I’ll do that now.

How was your week of sweat (or frozen sweat)?

What do you do to build confidence?



    • I’ve never been snowboarding but that sounds like fun! The only thing I know about it is from watching the Olympics. It’s really impressive!

  1. Whoop whoop. Finally broke a 25 minute 5k, and won the masters division of a local race today. I’m not as speedy as you, but I’m working on it! 20 miles on the calendar for tomorrow .

    • WOAH! Winning in anything is a great accomplishment. I don’t think I could run 20 miles! I’ll send you some energy and good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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