Week In Review [Ugali, confidence and 50 degrees]

As of writing this post I have cleaned up throw up three times in the past five hours. I honestly don’t understand why we feed our cats…nothing seems to stay in.

Yup that’s how my Saturday is going.

The week wasn’t all bad though so I’ll take a trip down memory lane with Meghan this morning for Week In Review. Head over to her site for more accomplishment and recognition for getting through the week.


Let’s see:


I published four posts this week (not counting Click Bait) two of which were about running.

Running Rambles #2 was something that had been on my mind with the Olympic trials coming up. PEDs are not something I deal with, but put a pit in my stomach when I think about my heroes in running. I certainly could never imagine the pressure they are under, but I hope they have enough resolve not to take something that makes them a cheater.
Fast Friday #2 shared my week of running and some concerns I dealt with this week. If you ever suffer from a lack of confidence in training, I totally get ya!

Speaking of running, I hit highs and lows this week. Let’s start with the lows and then bring it back up with the highs.

Lows: I felt a real lack of confidence this week in my speed. Because I have done almost all my speed work on the treadmill, I felt that I would not be able to transfer that onto the roads or track and it frightened me. That was really all I could think about until Friday.


Highs: 4 out of five of my runs this week were outside! I found my running jacket, bought Yak Traks and more hot hands and just went with it including a 16 miler in the snow. My biggest high was on Friday. In my ramblings post I mentioned that I would most likely go easy on Friday due to an early morning work shift and not feeling too hot after Thursday’s dismal run. Well, I woke up Friday at 5, strapped on my Yak Traks and went for it. I did a 4 mile warm up and then 4 miles at MP out on the roads. I hit around my paces and it was a good first try. The biggest accomplishment was the mental barrier. I did not fall, I got warm enough and although it was harder, I hit what I wanted to. It was also pretty early, still dark out and I wore my head lamp.

My confidence is returning!

Other life things:


I finished the book The Perfect Mile about Roger Bannisters attempted and successful break of the 4 minute mile. What an inspiring story! If you’re a run nerd like me but still like some flavor and visuals in a story I highly recommend this read. The work and dedication he and two others profiled in the book was so inspiring and definitely helped me realize that momentous things take time to grow. I’m not onto a more chick lit book which is really easy and I’m almost done with. I can’t really remember the name of it lol

I had a bit of fun with meals this week. I cooked up some mung beans in the kitchen and then paired them with cheddar cheese ramen noodles. Friends if you have never tried cheese ramen, do yourself a solid and get some. At twenty four cents a cup, it’s like a civil duty.


Inspired by the book I just read RunningWith the Kenyans, I cooked some ugali (corn meal mush) and ate that a few times this week. First I put some bean soup over it and then just some walnuts and honey. Oh my stars the walnuts and honey was perfect! I really like ugali and the texture. It’s a grain like oats or rice or pasta but it has more flavor. I’ll be making it again for sure!

3 114

I got groceries this week at a bulk store going out of business. It was a big win on the pickle and BBQ sauce front. I am addicted to sweet midgets and really any pickle these days so I got SO MANY of them. I also got some spaghetti squash which I can’t wait to make.

1 12

I worked a lot this weekend because somebody’s gotta put food in the table. Nothing too excited to report except I am finally getting the hang of the running store. I hope I’m doing a good job. Oh well, at least if I don’t know everything, I work hard.


I finished a box of cereal I’ve had for about 6 months. Ezekiel 4:9 almond something or another. Added almond milk, cashew butter and dates.


OH MY GOSH THE WEATHER TODAY! (Sunday) We had 50s and sunny all day! I was sad it was my day off running because it would have been perfect!

7 8

How was your weekend?

Do you stock up when stores go out of business?



  1. Running with the Kenyans is my favorite non-science running related book! Loved it so much, but I never went as far as making ugali 😀

    The biggest thing I took from that book is about mindset and the importance of rest between runs.

  2. Boo to cat puke. My dog goes through phases like that too where she just eats and drinks too fast. It’s gross.
    Yay for being able to run outside! As someone who hates running, I find it SOO much more enjoyable outdoors! As long as I have music and a non-busy street I can totally run for like, 3 miles 😉

  3. It sounds like even though you had some running pitfalls, you ended the week on a high note. I think anytime someone runs any distance it’s an accomplishment in and of itself. Great job on the food front too. You killed it.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

  4. Congrats on the outdoors run and for getting your confidence back – booya!! You have me missing my summer time early morning walks. Nothing better than enjoying them outside.

    Those cheese ramen noodles look delicious – but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them sold anywhere 😦 . Also – so is ugali the same thing as polenta? Also something on my must make list.

    I have a feeling you are doing a wonderful job at the running store.

    • Ugali is a lot like polenta minus the cheese and other herbs usually present in Polenta. It’s just cornmeal and water. Simple, but good!

  5. Sounds like you had a very productive week! I have been wanting to try that granola. And those cheese ramen look delicious! Hope you have a great start to you week 🙂 xoxo

  6. Oh my gosh- the cat vomit is the story of my life. Seriously between that and dirty diapers, I clean up a lot of gross stuff!
    Have you ever read the book Born to Run? It is very interesting- about a tribe of Native Americans who are ultra marathoners.
    It sounds like you had s pretty good week and lots of interesting cooking!

    • That’s so interesting that you mention Born To Run (which I have read) because I am now reading McDougal’s second book, Natural Born Heroes. I just started it a couple hours ago and I already like it very much!

  7. My husband used to coach college XC and we had some Kenyans on the team. They had us over for lunch one time, served with lots of ugali and tea. It was one of my most favorite meals, SO FILLING.

  8. Thats awesome, I’m so enjoying our weather here, snow snow and more snow. I lived in africa for awhile and could probably not have Ugali now because of it, I liked it for awhile but whew day in and day out I almost couldn’t stand it at the end, I was like PLEASE give me the beans and rice! ha.

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