What I Ate Wednesday [Groundhog Day]

Truth be told, I’ve never seen the movie Groundhog’s Day with Bill Murray. It’s not too high on my priorities list either, especially since I got three books I ordered from the library this morning, I’ve got all my free time used up.

This morning I headed out for an easy run around the parks. The sunrise wasn’t as pretty today as it was last week, but the weather was beautiful. It was almost 30 and I had not problems with frozen hands. Does anyone else still hold hot hands in the beginning just as a procaution? I like keeping my hands warm and they are easy to toss if I feel I am too hot.

I have a bruise on the side of my shin that feels awkward. I don’t know how I got it at all…maybe I ran into something at CTB. All I can think about it having to amputate and that would not got over well with my coach.

After four harder days at CTB I am happy to be back at the running store for the next few days. I realized last night at about 6PM that my legs were sore and I was whipped. I just wanted to sit and do nothing. Luckily, more sitting happens, ironically, at the running store. Good for leg recovery and rest before a long run tomorrow. I am going to test out my Saucony Fastwitch on that run and see how they feel. I’ve never done anything other than speedwork in them, so it will feel different. More irony, my coach suggested I try them after I asked her what more cushioned shoe I should get for my longer runs. Whelp, that’s why she’s the boss.

Ok, ramble over, onto the meat of the post.

Before jumping into today’s eats, I must thankΒ JenΒ for the link up!




Today I was kind of tired after my run and also in the mood to go slower. I wasn’t super hungry yet, so a slower breakfast could happen. I decided to make blender pancakes, which I then topped with cashew butter, peanut butter and blackberry jam. I got out of my banana bowl rut and these were delicious. I am not a very good flipper. The most successful I am is when I use extra oil and butter. It basically covers the pancake and undo up deep frying it. It worked even if I cut the pancake I. Half to flip it haha


I had such a productive morning! I did my laundry, paid all my bills, went to the bank, made ugali and picked up the books I had ordered from the library.

Side note, I love the library! Why did I ever buy a book? Honestly the only books I’ve read more than once are the Harry Potter books, Born To Run, Without Limits (Chrissie Wellingtons book) and Sports Nutriton by Nancy Clark. Since acquiring more payments each month, I have seriously taken a look at unnecessary spending and luckily, books are something I can continue to enjoy despite lack of funds.


Ok, now onto the food! I had ratatouille (I love that movie!) over some garlic mashed potatoes. This ended up being really good despite the fact that I had to defrost the potatoes and they looked watery. A bit of salt, I was a happy camper. Afterwards I ate an orange that was perfectly juicy. I love citrus in the winter.



The humble kombucha sort of made my tummy bloat, but it was tasty. I don’t normally drink kombucha because it’s really expensive for what it is. But when I’m given free expired product from work, I don’t usually say no. I’m also curious about gut health after my dealings with getting the runs on the run, so fermented foods can’t be a bad thing. I wonder how extra good those out of date yogurts I have been eating are for my gut health hahaha


My second little bit was from my boss, who graciously gave me the white chocolates from the package after I told her I preferred white to dark chocolate.




I went for my favorite greens and some dip (my favorite dip right now is BBQ sauce mixed with mustard)

Then was feeling like a WHITE CHOCOLATE raspberry scone with PB and some yogurt and granola. I was actually going to make more pancakes, but my roommate was cooking her BF dinner and I ended up having to go back to the running store to let some of the Tuesday night run group get their things.

I completely forgot about them before I left and locked them out!

…stupid cat videos got my attention πŸ˜‰

Have you ever seen Ratatouille?

Does your boss ever give you candy? (If not, quit your job)



  1. Us runners have nightmares about our legs having to be amputated, I swear! I’ve seen Ratatouille a couple times. It’s so cute. Also, could you make me pancakes every morning? Thanks. xo πŸ™‚

  2. Those pancakes look delish! My old boss used to give me candy and since I worked at a fro yo shop, it was always available haha. Hope you have a great day Ellie!

  3. YES to while chocolate. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but it’s my favorite. I agree on basically having to deep fry pancakes. Though, I can’t complain because it’s damn tasty. The only way I’ve found to do pancakes without a poop ton of oil is in a bigger pan and smaller pancakes. It takes forever if you’re doing a whole batch, but its worth it.

  4. A few things..!

    I LOVE Sports Nutrition. It’s probably the most informative nutrition book I’ve ever read. Enjoy!!

    In terms of “getting the runs on the run”…have you tried taking immodium before? I’ve heard that helps a lot of runners when they do marathons and such. and avoiding coffee πŸ™‚

    • I actually fixed that problem (knock on wood!) by knocking out some veggies. I was actually eating too many of them, so I switched to other things like chips, bananas and crackers instead.

  5. Mm garlic mashed potatoes. Damn.
    Is that the white chocolate/raspberry scone on the right!?! Slathered with the most amazing layer of peanut butter I’ve maybe ever seen?! Excuse me while I pry myself off the floor.
    We need to go on a scone date one day.

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