Fast Friday #3

This week brought challenges that sucked. I’ll be honest, not every run is Christmas. My coach said that to me a few weeks ago and it has stuck with me. Remembering that when things get tough has helped boost my confidence this past week. I am really excited about this Spring and the weather lately which is sometimes what I focus on when my legs want to give up.

Right now, my next planned race is the Skunk Cabbage half marathon in April. I’m not sure how my coach is going to want me to race it, but it will be a workout that does not deter my marathon plans for May.

Goal for that race: run hard, then recover appropriately and not get injured.

The following is my week of workouts for the first week of February.

Monday: Tempo Intervals

6×800 at progressively faster than marathon pace


It was raining when I woke up, so I did this on the treadmill. I upped the incline a bit, which coach likes me to do now for treadmill running. I felt strong and fast. Speed workouts go by so quick and I don’t know why I dread them. I like feeling fast, the burn is nice and I feel good all day. Hitting all the paces is nice too.


Tuesday: Easy Run

I got in about 9 miles on some flat terrain. There wasn’t too much to report about this. I realized I haven’t had a bathroom emergency in a long time! Taking out all the fiber was a really good move for me.

Wednesday: Long Run

Ok, this run sucked. Let’s just go from beginning to end shall we? On the plan was 17.5 miles with the middle 10 a tempo pace workout at faster than MP. Well, I woke up to rain and knew this would happen. I mentally prepared myself to get out and do this anyway. Β I figured it would stop as it was predicted to.

It didn’t.

I kept running, did the first four miles as a warmup and started to attempt the two mile intervals. Well my friends, the rain and wind had other plans for the this day. After the first interval I was doing a mile rest interval and the crosswind nearly blew me off the road. It was then the thought occurred to me “this is not going to get better.”

I had been telling myself for the first six miles that it would let up eventually, that soon I would be fine. Nope. The weather was going to battle me. I broke down crying and running. I couldn’t stop the tears but I’ll be damned if I give up.

I decided to stop attempting intervals and just work on getting the mileage in and teaching myself to run when really upset. I fought the hills, the wind and the rain for those miles and it sucked. It really never got better. There’s as no point when I felt like a warrior princess. I felt like crap the whole time. The weather was crappy the whole time.

But I would not let it break me. I would not stop.

So I finished. Over two and half hours of misery, carrying ten pounds of soaked clothes and self assertiveness.


My sister told me I was nuts. You know what? Yes I was nuts and the next time the weather is that bad I will treadmill it to get the marathon pace work in. But today, I needed that kick in the ass. I needed that courage. I’ll take it even if I still couldn’t feel my fingers until that afternoon.


Oh, and I brought a bottle of tailwind with me (working on nutrition) but I didn’t drink it. At least the rain kept me hydrated.

Thursday: EASY! Like really EASY! With strides.


My coach needed to highlight that for some reason, I couldn’t imagine why. The weather was really nice this morning and I didn’t need to use hot hands. I kept it easy at 8 minute miles and no hills. My legs felt surprisingly good for the beating they took on Wednesday. The hardest part about that was definitely the mind. I’m really atlas it happened because I appreciated this recovery run much more.

Friday: Steady State Intervals

3×10 minutes at marathon pace with 3 minutes easy in between. I haven’t done this yet as it’s impossible to post on Friday morning having done the workout already, but I have a plan on how this will go. I’m learning how to program my Garmin for workouts so as long as I can feel and hear the beeps, it should go swimmingly. Keeping the pace is my new task, one that I will get down eventually.

All in all, a solid week of learning and respecting the roads. I’m happy with whatever my body chooses to do as long as it works.

In some other AMAZING fast Friday news, my sister texted me on Thursday saying she just ran a 5:10 mile! I am beyond excited and jealous of her accomplishments! This proves nothing we cannot do if we work hard and put in the time. Maybe a future fast 5ker? Who knows because the world is her oyster. Maybe I can channel some of her mojo for my next fast workout!


What is the hardest run you’ve ever do Everything?

What do you like to eat for breakfast after a long, wet run? I had a white chocolate and raspberry scone with peanut butter and lemon curd.



  1. Wow, your sister is speedy! I can’t imagine running that long and far in the rain – you are truly dedicated. What marathon are you doing? Do you take any nutrition/gu’s during those long runs? Happy weekend!

    • I’m doing Buffalo at the end of May. I do take nutrition and am getting better about it. This past week I brought a bottle of Tailwind…but that didn’t happen because of all the other things I was dealing with. I like using that the best, and Huma gels. Gu is too thick for me to get down.

  2. WOW Ellie! Your perseverance is AMAZING. We all have miserable runs and I’m glad you didn’t let it ruin your week. They’re such an awesome picture of our Christian life. Some days are really tough and we come away so battered and bruised but thankfully God is with us, in every battle. ❀ Keep up the hard work on your running. You are definitely an inspiration!

    • Aw thanks Emily! Your words make me feel all warm inside πŸ™‚ You are likewise an inspiration for snowboarding! That’s crazy to me!

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