Microwave Banana Bread for One

Ok, now before you make this recipe, head over to Arman’s blog to see if he has something similar you might fancy. That guy is the genius or single serve recipes. I take inspiration from him in a big way, yet usually I don’t have his ingredients or want to get out measuring devices or have tons of bananas to use, so I modify them to suit my fancy.

Ok, whew.

Now when I posted my High Protein Banana Bowl a couple Saturday’s ago, you guys said it looked like a great way to use up bananas, and I agree. My next WIAW however, I had changed that a bit to make a microwave banana cake sans protein powder and with flour.

To me, and to most of my commenters, that was a bigger hit. I understand why, it’s more manageable for people who don’t care about (or understand the deliciousness) protein powder.

Honestly, that makes sense. When I grew up, my mom never made protein mug cakes or had fancy ingredients. She used flour and simple things that are cheap. A pound of flour is a hell of a lot cheaper than a tub of protein powder.

When I realized that with my car payments and other basic needs, the Vega protein powder I grew to love was too expensive, I searched (and failed many times) for a replacement.

Side not: never buy hemp protein powder. Just don’t.

Ok, well I found a brand I like called Orgain Organic Protein Powder and although $20 cheaper than Vega, it’s not something I like to use everyday. It tastes great and if I want it, I have it, but I realized that protein powder does not have a place as a staple in my life. I’m ok with that because, well, it’s expensive and to be honest:

Gaining muscle or recovering from workouts is about overall calories and the recovery window than about macronutrient breakdown.

Therefore, whether my breakfast comes from peanut butter, sugar, corn, meatballs or protein powder, as long as the calories are there, I will recover from my workouts.

Ok, so the recipe 🙂

Basically it is just what I stated above. Bananas and flour, nuked in the microwave and topped with peanut butter. Almost too simple for life. As Cora wrote on Wednesday, recipes aren’t really set in stone, but a manifestation of on hand ingredients and what we are craving that day.


So, here we go!

Microwave Banana Bread for One

2 bananas mashed (extra ripe is best)

3 tablespoons flour (I use 1 each of coconut, white and oat)

Mix-ins (cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla, walnuts etc)

Combine mashed bananas and flour in a bowl. Once combined, pour into another small microwave safe bowl or ramekin. I use a ramekin but if the bowl you mixed in is microwave safe, feel free to use that. Microwave for three minutes. Allow to rest for a bit and cool down while you make your coffee or answer emails (I do my devotions and read the news hahah)

Top with your favorite spread and dig in!

***Do not use 3 tablespoons of coconut flour. The taste is too overpowering. 3 tablespoons of the other flours is fine though, I’ve just found what works for me

***meaurements are approximate. I just use a regular spoon

Do you buy protein powder?

Have you seen a rise in specialty products?



  1. This looks and sounds delicious! So simple! Thanks for sharing the protein powder. I usually buy GNC soy (I’m lactose intolerant), but always on the lookout for whatever is good and cheap!

  2. I do buy protein powder; mostly as an alternative to dairy in certain recipes. But I agree–it’s very expensive, and important as protein is, sometimes I think it’s a little overrated. (Don’t hurt me!) We don’t need as much of it as a lot of people think, and carbs and fats are also good for us.

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