Week In Review: Keep Smiling

Sometimes I cannot believe how fast a week goes. In the moment, I’m like “oh how slow this day is going I am so bored!” Then I blink twice and it’s Sunday and time to link up once again with Meghan and recap the business that happened last week.



I ended up publishing five (holy smokes!) posts this week including a recipe and two running blogs. I really enjoy the expression this media has provided even when life gets crazy. When I get home from work usually all I want to do is crash and read, but when I turn on my computer and open up WordPress I feel the words come and the relaxing thoughts just flow.


Pro tip: candles! Funny story here actually. I am a huge fan of candles in the morning when I eat breakfast, but had never used them at night on my desk before. Well, the other night I burned popcorn in the microwave and, I love popcorn, but this smell was really strong. My roommate and I lit candles to mask the smell and it really worked. I moved the candle from the kitchen to my desk and not only was it peaceful and smelled wonderful, it mesmerized my cat and kept him from jumping on my keyboard while I use it.

Candles, the gift the keeps on giving.

I also did some reaching out this week to companies and brands to get more information about the products I love to use. I want to share the love about my eating, running and life staples, but want to get to know the brand more so I can give more insight and provide more thorough reviews.

Feel free to revisit my two running related posts:

1 5

Fast Friday #3 My workout log
Running Rambles #3 Confidence
And of course, eat this for breakfast at least one day this week.



Speaking of my favorite activity, I had some ups and downs this week, but mostly ups in terms of learning to be a tougher runner. I ran two fast workouts including:

800 meter reps

4×10 minute steady state intervals


I also completed the most mentally challenging run of my life on Wednesday that had me in tears and getting blown off the road. Not a fast run that was intended, but a run I will never forget non the less. As my coach said, what of it’s raining on race day?


My answer: I will cry again just like I did today.


I also got some new shoes from the store for easy days. I was running in my Kinvaras on Thursday and just felt like I wanted a bit more comfort and cushion on my feet. I mean, they are called recovery days for a reason. I was thinking the Saucony Triumph at first because I did love it when I tried it on last week…but something clicked for me when I put on the Mizuno Wave Rider. Not too crazy about the color…but I guess since it’s an election year, I’ll go with Red, white and blue. ‘Merica.


I also got some super cool socks from the store. I had never tried Stance Compression before but now I am a believer. They are perfect for when you don’t need too much but could use a bit of so,etching. Look for a review tomorrow!


Other life stuff

I did my laundry on Tuesday and paid all my monthly bills. Sterling helped me fold laundry because he’s so good like that.

I made some roasted nuts and some chickpea blondes using different ingredients. I will most likely post a recipe sooner or later.

3 6

I made another pot of Ugali and tried wit with a couple different toppings each tasting mighty fine. I think my favorite so far is walnuts and honey. It’s classic and works with the corn meal.

4  10

I worked at CTB and the running store a lot and it wasn’t as stressful as last weekend.


Lunch the other day at CTB [beans, cheese and sprouts]

I was given a lot of nutrition from my running coach and told to USE IT on my next long run. I can’t wait to try out the Clif pizza one. I’m a fan of savory so it should be good. I’ve also never had the apple cinnamon flavor of Huma so that will be interesting.

I started Natural Born Heroes by Chris McDougal (same author as Born To Run) and it is really a great read. I feel so inspired by people who overcome things, like war. Overcoming war just makes me want to try my best. I felt the same way after reading Unbroken.

That was my week!

What are you reading?

Best brownie recipe?



  1. BCS may look like a funny combo but now that I think about it, it sounds delicious! And packed with protein. Yum! And I may be in the minority here but I love your new running shoes. Totally digging the bright blue! Speaking of bright blue, I hope the skies are clear and dry on your race day!

  2. I’m loving the new blue runners and snazzy socks. Coming from a non-runner and non-fashionista I obviously know what I’m talking about.
    Well done on all the blogging gains, some really creative looking meals (can’t wait for new blondie recipe!?) and continual strides in your running. I’m wish you all the good weather for this week. At least the mornings.

    • Thanks Cora 🙂 It’s gonna get COOOOOLD here this week but I am not deterred. It may be a treadmill week, but that’s good for my podcast listening 😉

  3. That’s so cool that you light a candle when you eat breakfast! I haven’t lit a candle in a long time, due to my roommate’s asthma. But if the odor’s nice, they can be so soothing–I never would have thought to start my day with them!

    • That’s too bad about your roommate 😦 There are so many smells going on in our apartment that would be hard to deal with in my house

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