Pan Roasted Maple Walnuts [and WIAW]

A while ago, I was inspired by to write a post about my favorite healthy snacks. Honestly, I don’t snack too much. I usually eat a lot for meals, so snacking for me is whatever is close at hand that fits in my palm. Usually that is nuts, granola, animal crackers or pickles.

Yes, I like things that crunch. sells so many different items that even if you never snack you would find something to suit your dietary needs. I may not grab a granola bar, but I love having things like granola or nuts to throw into wraps, yogurt, oatmeal or banana mash howls.
This recipe is really simple and healthy, serving both the mind and body. I honestly didn’t want to turn on my oven, but wanted to change up my usual walnut and honey routine in my ugali. I also wanted to make a bigger quantity of sweet snack to have for later in the week.

Even a self proclaimed peanut butter addict wants a different nut every once in a while. has so many options for snacking, but also sells items in bulk for people like me who want to create their own snacks every once in a while.

I love that they have bagel chips which normally I have to go through a bag of Chex-Mix to get my fix, but now I can just order them in bulk! The perfect picky snacker’s dream! Does anyone else pick the dried fruit out of trail mix too? I throw that away actually, I like my trail mix to have nuts, chocolate and the occasional pretzel or corn nut.

They have trail mix too (that includes Monkey Munch!!!!!) and corn nuts as well.

Essentially this company is great! After you buy some bulk nuts, you only need one (or two to make it fancy) more ingredient to capitalize on this snack.

Healthy, satieting and tasty. What else does a snack need? Make these maple roasted nuts today and add them to breakfast, lunch and dinner, I won’t tell!


Pan Roaster Maple Walnuts

2 cups raw walnut halves

1T olive oil

3T Maple syrup

1t vanilla or cinnamon optional

Heat a nonstick pan on high and add olive oil. Pour in the walnuts and toast for a few minutes. Your nose will tell you when it’s done. Turn down the heat to low and add the remaining ingredient, stirring to coat. Roast for a minute or two while stirring to prevent burning. Turn off heat and pour onto a paper towel to air dry. This makes them crispy.

Eat and enjoy!

Now, time for WIAW! Thanks to Jenn for hosting.

Since I’ve already given you tons of fun stuff this post, I’ll keep my meals and descriptions short and sweet.



Banana bread bowl topped with peanut butter and an apple



Chickpeas with garlic and sun dried tomatoes and a lot of Asiago cheese (this is my comfort food people, better than Mac and Cheese!) and a salad



PB&J&Banana wrap (HUGE banana didn’t all fit inside so I ate the other half outside haha) and a bowl of my favorite greens



Cranberry cashew chickpea brownie with candy corn frosting. Don’t know the candy corn flavored things until you try them. I just bought two more bags of candy corn M&Ms that I found at Ollies.  Have you ever been to Ollies? It’s a discount store that sells really good stuff, overstock from restaurants.

That was my day! Enjoy the nuts!

What is your favorite nut? Peanuts of course.

What is your favorite comfort food? PB&J or bananas.



    • They have such good stuff! I remember when Paula Deen was getting thrown off TV for being racist they had all her cookware. Totally good stuff at a cheap price

  1. Your banana bread bowls with peanut butter always looks do good!! Favorite comfort food is probably chicken noodle soup or a pb&J. Favorite kinda nut is almond or cashew. 🙂

  2. Mmm your use of bananas and peanut butter has got to be the most tantalizing out there. Your breakfast bowl to your dinner wraps always make me salivate for pb+b. That chickpea sundries tomato bowl though – so creative! How’d you come up with that one!?

    • I love chickpeas and cheese. That’ my comfort food for real. The sundried tomatoes were an after thought. My roommate made pizza the night before with sundried tomatoes and she had a small container left over…so I just added them to the bowl. She then texted me later and was like “have you seen a small container of SDTs?” and I was like “umm..yes I am eating them right now” hahaha she was just glad they were eaten up!

  3. Oh man, that last photo has me craaavvvinnnggg a brownie. This all looks so good. Question…and please feel free to tell me to mind my own business, but I’m genuinely curious as I’ve had some food issues lately, but what made you decide to stop eating vegan? I totally support it, and have had some non vegan meals lately (although none of them made me feel better, so they haven’t stuck) and I just like connecting with other vegans that have incorporated animal products back into their diets.

    • Ok so the only reason (and I mean ONLY) was because of where I work. I was throwing so many things away (like sandwiches/entrees etc) that had a dressing or cheese on them that weren’t vegan. It was such a waste and it bothered me when I could eat them. So that is really the only reason. I wasn’t feeling bad or sick, I just hate waste. That’s the story lol

  4. Okay, better late than never, but as always, your meals look delicious! Especially that banana bread bowl with pb and the pb banana bread! Banana + peanut butter is also one of my favorite food combinations ever. 🙂
    Did you make the candy corn frosting? If so, HOW?! I’ve never heard of such a thing!!

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