Compression Socks via Finger Lakes Running Co.

If you’re like me, you have a busy life and have other obligations outside of training. Though it would be nice to lounge around all day after a long run or leg lift, sometimes I don’t have that luxury. When my calves are sore and tender in the hours following my workout, I still need to be able to move and ideally without pain.


Compression socks and apparel has many benefits.

1.) Tightness increases blood flow to the area which speeds recovery and reduces swelling.

2.) Warmth in the event of a slow start race, no pulled muscles!

3.) Protection from rocks, roots and abrasions on the trails.

4.) Decreased in perceived fatigue and soreness.

5.) Injury prevention

I find that compression sleeves just hold me in place. Like a tight fitting shoe, I think my muscles and more supported and there is less likely a chance something will jut out of position if I make a quick or tight turn.

Evidence is still anecdotal, but personally it’s obvious, my legs recover faster and my soreness subsides quicker than if I just put my feet up.

Like they always do, the Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company supplies all my compression needs. I love all their products such as:

Zenzah Calf Sleeves


Stance Women’s Fusion Run Sock


Cep Run+ Compression Sock


The varying brands mean that each person can find the level of compression that is right for them. Right now I am loving Stance because it’s a lighter compressive feel and looks really cool! I can’t wait to wear them with shorts this summer.

I honestly don’t believe I would have been able to run two days after Ragnar without my Zenzah socks on hand. I even was able to work the day after with low soreness.

Don’t let your daily life obligations keep you from proper recovery for your next workout. As runners, we know that we only get better if we get enough rest from our training to encourage muscle strength. Just as my coach tells me to go EASY! and I mean EASY!Β After a long run or hard effort, compression socks should make it into your recovery regiment as well.

Get outside and get your compression socks from the Finger Lakes Running Co. today!


What is your favorite type of recovery gear? Definitely socks, or is a scone considered gear?

Do you prefer socks or sleeves?



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