Fast Friday #4

I loved running this week…after Monday that is. It wasn’t that my workout was overly hard or I was too tired, but I kind of questioned the point of all this. I mean, I love to run and run hard. The pull running has on me is significant in that I base my life around it. I cannot imagine a life that doesn’t involve moving my legs in a forward motion.


That wasn’t the issue. The issue stemmed from wondering why I was putting myself through the mentally challenging runs, the cold temperatures and the financial strain (yes that weighs on my mind) when in the context of fast runners, I’m not there yet. Will I ever be? Who knows right now, but I’m not there yet and it sucks.

I get worn down running 6:30 miles when the ladies competing this weekend in LA will throw down 5:40s for 2 and a half hours. When I get done with my workouts sometimes I am so glad I don’t have to keep going because I don’t know how I would be able to.

What am I trying to get from this? Why are my dreams so big, yet I am definitely not ready to achieve them? How do I cope with this?

Weekly workouts

Monday: Tempo Intervals 6x800m

Duration: 1:27:00, 10.8 miles


Well, Monday I felt blah. I did my workout, but expressed to my coach that I still felt a bit pathetic compared to the likes of the OTQ. I was kind of in a whatever mood. I did this workout without much fanfare and although the hit of going fast was nice, I realize that people run whole marathons at this pace. Poop.

Tuesday: Easy 9 miles

Duration: 1:09:00

After talking with my coach and relieving some good things to ponder, I made the choice to be happy. I am still a runner if I never race again. I will always love it. Why get caught up in the logistics and fanfare of what elites go through right now? I just need to focus on my goals and leave it alone. I will be happy with whatever time I get at my races because dang it, racing is hard no matter your pace. I choose to love myself no matter what kind of runner I turn out to be.

Wednesday: Long Run

Duration: 2:28:03, 18 miles


This workout was hard, but also kind of fun. I did a four mile warm up and the 3×3 miles at MP and faster, and the. A four mile cool down of sorts. This run gave me some confidence in the distance. The last three miles of the progression were pretty tough both mentally and physically, but I knew I could do it. I think the biggest thing I am reminded of lately is that I can do almost anything physically, I just need to be willing to suffer for it. It may suck, but I have the ability to do it.

One thought I had was that after 18 miles, I only would have 8 miles left, which is less than double digits. That honestly sounds really refreshing right now hahaha

Nutrition was something I worked on here. Last week I didn’t take anything in, even though I brought a bottle. This week I tried two different things.

The good:


I liked the salty flavor of this. It was like eating pizza sauce. I think as long as I have water or tailwind I will be down for eating this on long runs/hikes.

The bad:


I wanted to cry after I ate this. My coach gave it to me to try and I give it a thumbs down. Thankfully, we stock tailwind at FLRTC so I don’t have to eat this again!

Thursday: 9-10 miles, Easy. Strides

Duration: 10.6 miles, 1:25:00

So I totally thought this said 10-11 miles. Which I found weird and thought about stopping after 10 anyway, but went a bit farther just because I am me. I was kind of tired for this and mentally drained, but other than that, after 18 miles the day before I’d say this went well. I think this picture sums it up beautifully.


Friday:Β Steady State Intervals

Duration: 10-11 miles

I haven’t done this yet, but I am hoping it goes well. 4×10 minutes, 3 @ MP, 2 @ ten seconds slower than MP and 3 minutes at 20 seconds faster than MP.

Overall: Mentally I improved!

I think honestly, and this sounds really weird, but I needed to do some work on the ‘mill. Being outside these past few weeks has been fun, but I wanted to hit exact paces this week to drive up that confidence. I also wanted predictable weather. The weather last week, although good mentally, was also creating an unknown that bothered me. I wanted something I could control this week, so the environment it was. I listened to some good podcasts, worked the treadmill incline and saw my gym buddies a whole bunch (they thought they got rid of me).

Next week, weather depending, I will be back outside.


What was your sweatiest workout? Hands down Wednesday’s long run!

What do you do the day after a long run? I grocery shop or bake. I think the run stimulates my creativity in the kitchen.



  1. You’re killing this marathon training! I still don’t think it’s in the cards for me this year…or at least this spring. I was thinking about running Buffalo (and even registered!) but I dropped down to the half because I don’t have the time to dedicate to training with my crazy school schedule this semester. 7 courses is no joke! 😦 But hopefully when things calm down a bit and I am in the really good place physically, I’ll be able to tackle 26.2! I WILL do it someday. πŸ™‚ Also, LOVE those purple leggings! Where are they from?

  2. Im sorry youve had some struggles mentally, but it sounds like you recovered well by the end of the week! The issue arises when we start to compare our journey with others. So what you aren’t as fast as someone else? YOU ARE STILL KICKASS! Just remember that πŸ™‚

  3. Wow!!! I am so impressed!! You are so awesome for pushing through even though you didn’t always feel your best. I hope your run today went well!

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