Ithaca Runs Treadmills [Sometimes…when it’s really cold]

Finger Lakes Running

Since the beginning of the year, Ithaca has gotten a bit chillier. As the temperature takes a dive, the amount of ice and snow on the sidewalks, roads and trails creates some concern for the safety for those of us trying to keep the running alive throughout the year. Living in Ithaca has gotten me tougher in regard to facing the elements but let’s get real, last week I stepped outside to a sheet of ice at 5AM. No way was I going to run on that. I took it indoors.

Some people say treadmilling is for wimps. I tell them to let me give them one of my standby treadmill workouts and see if they still call me a wimp at the end. There are so many benefits to this torture device that makes me really happy to have the access during this time of year.

Treadmills are generally…

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