Fast Friday #5

I had a lot of fun this week (I almost wrote I had a lot of run this week…that would be true too). As expected, the week after the marathon trials provided some extra inspiration for me. Running was pretty fun this week even though some of it was on the treadmill.

I just can’t hate the treadmill you guys. I’ve tried to feel repulsed but it always takes me back when the temperature is -2 or there is three inches of ice and slush on the sidewalks. True story on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I started reading a book about one mans journey to run the Badwater 135 ultra marathon across Death Valley and it’s at such odds with what I am training for now, I almost don’t see that as real. It’s ironic because in the summer I was all about going long and thought I wanted to do long distances. Slow, controlled, smart races. That was where my head was at.


Then I decided to train for a marathon and speed workouts are the most fun of the week. I started thinking of my long runs as a tempo workout with longer warm up and cool downs. It’s easier to see a race in chunks than in the whole she-bang. I liked that about the marathon trials too, it was four loops of 6 miles. I could get my head around that easier than a 26 mile course.

Ok, onto my week of runs!

Monday: Tempo Intervals

3×2 miles at 6:00 pace with 5 easy in between


I actually read this wrong on my workout calendar. It said 2×2 miles, but I think my mind wants things to be harder. It believes in me haha. When I told my coach the mistake she said secretly that’s what she wanted. At least we are on the same page here. This run was hard! The longer the interval gets the more taxing it feels even if the pace is slower. Remember when I did 800s at 5:20 pace? Yea…me neither… Oh yea and all the ladies who ran in the trials ran faster than my tempo pace…for 26 miles #madrespect

Tuesday: 10 miles easy

I think this took me around an hour and twenty minutes. Afterward I did some strength training with dumbells and hip exercises. I don’t think I am making muscular atrophy gains with these, but it does help with balance, mobility and running specific strength. I feel more stable when I put in some gym time and also do core work. It takes less energy to run when my body is strong.

Wednesday: Long Run

18 miles with the middle 10 at marathon pace

This was a doozy! I split it into sections so it didn’t feel like an 18 run. I warmed up for the first 4 miles. Then did four miles at marathon pace, then two miles at an easier pace, then four miles of MP and then four miles at an easier pace to finish. Not gonna lie, this is not easy and 26 of those miles sounds daunting, but I believe I can do it eventually. Each week I get closer to the goal.

Feet afterwards…rough

My nutrition for this was two Apple Cinnamon Huma gels and water. I was happy with getting the gels down, but need a better water system than “when I need to restart the treadmill”. I got chills (like fever chills) at the beginning of the second four MP miles. I know I was dehydrated because these symptoms were described in the book I am reading after his first training run in Death Valley. I’ll work on this. I’ve got time.

Thursday: 8-9 easy


This run was relatively uneventful which was relaxing. Afterwards one of my small toes was big and red and hurt a bit when I was wearing my shoes. I thought I had kicked something and it was bruised. Taking a closer look, it was a blister which I drained. You know you’re a runner when the first thing on your to-do list when you get home from work is drain blister. I thought of another “you know your a runner when…” I noticed that not everyone has a stash of salt packets by their desk at work just in case…



Friday: Steady State Intervals

2×3 mile at marathon pace and faster

I have not done this as of writing this post (like every Friday) but as long as I rest up this afternoon and get to bed at a reasonable time, I think it will go well. I’m trying out this confidence thing. I can totally hit those paces and I’m going to smile while I do it πŸ™‚

Saturday and Sunday are lower mileage and rest days. I think my coach wants to give me a bit of a break either because this week was hard or because next week will be harder. Either way, bring it on!

Do you incorporate rest days or weeks in training?Β 

What do you do with that time instead?



  1. Wow, thank you for reminding me to be GRATEFUL for the treadmill. God has truly blessed us. Why do I EVER complain? Because I don’t realize how good and great and awesome and wonderful He is.

  2. bahahaha “eat rest of brownies”
    that’s totally something I would write down to do πŸ˜‰ Though the drain blister part…did you need to remind yourself to do that? lol Love you girlie! Happy Weekend!

    • I get used to the feeling all day and then when I get home I’m like FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD and then SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP so I forget πŸ˜‰

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