Click Bait [02/21/2016]

Good morning guys! Firstly, I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words and comfort surrounding my journey back to veganism.

It was so nice to put all that out there and really define my feelings and intentions on how I plan to be vegan in the future. I simply want to live my truth everyday. I told my friend and now someone I’d consider a mentor Laura that my intention is to make the next vegan decision. Make the next ethical choice for me. Ellie is who I am concerned about and what she cares about. Not health, not purity, not dogma or elitism. Simple Ellie.

Ok now for some LINKS! I read a lot this week both on the inter webs and in my book, a memoir about Death Valley and the Badwater 135 ultra race. I know this sounds crazy, but someday guys, someday…ok I’m done scaring myself.

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Check out these links and have a great Sunday!

Running Baby Names via RW Zelle

The Science Behind Why Mental Toughness Leads To Success via Elite Daily

10 Times Almonds Took On Dairy and Won via One Green Planet

Finding Joy In Speedwork via Runners World Advanced
Top Running Lessons From The Olympic Marathon Trials via SuzLyfe

Healthy Balanced Breakfast History via Eater

It Turns Out, Soy Milk Is Pretty Awesome via Eater

Olympic Trials Marathoner Proposes at Race’s Finish Line via RW Advanced

What Exercise Is Best For The Brain? via The NY Times

Why Trail Runners Should Hit The Pavement via Rock Creek Runner



    • Thanks for reading Kate! Almond milk is my favorite! Bonus if it’s vanilla. I will choose vanilla soy milk over plain almond though =P

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