Week In Review: I Feel Like I Got Hit By A Truck

Another week has passed and I am 7 days closer to Buffalo. The excitement is building for me and comes in waves. Sometimes (usually after a speed workout) I am so fired up to race I wish it was tomorrow. On my recovery days, I find the anticipation goes down and my legs are just tired. Overall though, I’m on my way. I’ll get there one way or another. I’m not worried about finishing, and that in itself is good enough for me.

Today, I’m linking up with Meg for Week In Review. Often I forget to daily things that I do that make me smile or give me feelings of accomplishment. Thanks to her for the link up which is quickly becoming my favorite of the week! Why not start off Monday with a bang?



I published 5 blog posts including a recipe and two about running.

Check out my recipe for Cranberry Cashew Chickpea Brownies for a delicious dense dessert that is arguably healthy enough to eat as breakfast or a snack. I ate so many chickpeas this week! Not only in desserts but also for my meals. Getting a 3 pound sack of them at work will do that to ya. It’s crazy that I haven’t made hummus! However it’s easier to just eat chickpeas with sauce or greens than worry about getting other ingredients for a sandwich.



I also published a really personal post about my transition back to veganism and am so touched by all the wonderful responses. You all were so understanding and supportive with your kind words both for my decision and suggestions about what to do with waste. I have found it helpful to repeat in my mind “this is not my waste” over in my head and give my anxiety to my higher power, God. He will take care of it no matter what that means. Last night for example I was doing the throw aways at the end of the night and the homeless people from across the street happened to walk in. They do not ask for things,p from us, that’s one thing I appreciate. They don’t beg us. I thought this was a sign from God that at least for one day, I didn’t have to waste the food. Those people got a good meal last night.

10 12

[Started wearing my Strong Hearts sweatshirt again!]

For my weekly workouts and running ramblings, click the links to those posts here:

Running Rambles #5 Perspective
Fast Friday #5

I got in two solid workouts this week of shorter duration. The one I enjoyed the most was Friday’s steady state interval workout. I ran 3 miles twice beginning at 6:40 and moving down to 6:20 pace for the last mile. It was hard in a good way. Some workouts I’m thinking “Oh my God how will I do this for 26 miles!?” but that was not how Friday went. I felt like it would be hard, but I could hold it. I was surprised at how good it felt because usually Friday is a day my legs are the most tired. After 4 days of consistent training and work, my legs get through the workout but I do not describe it was “good”.


Confidence is key here guys.

I dealt with a huge blister on my toe this week and even wrote myself reminders to drain it. I could feel it only in my Mizunos, so I wore my Saucony Fastwitch Friday and my Kinvaras for my 18 miler on Wednesday.


Speaking of the long run, I got in two gels over the miles and consider that a success. I’m bringing a water bottle next week. Only drinking water when I have to reset the treadmill is ok, but not ideal. I think I’m going to take water from aid stations on the course and eat Huma gels. Those are the best ones for me at this point.

Other Life Stuff

I finished a book about a journalists run across Death Valley and it was great. He conveyed the highs and lows with such description, I felt like I was there. It was kind of nice reading about a desert when it’s -10 degrees out. Makes you feel warm.


I made a dessert using cornflakes and walnut butter. It was AMAZING and I finished the whole thing in three sittings. I’m not saying I’m proud, but it was that good. My God I love white chocolate!


My roommate made ham and white bean soup, but before she put the ham in, she saved me a bowl or three. It was also very good. I don’t like broth too much, so I ended up draining some of it and eating all the beans and carrots. I feel so blessed to have her as a partner in Ithaca.


My coworker cunningly asked me a few days ago if I used bookmarks because I love to read so much. I told her I usually just ended up using receipts or note cards row post-its. Well, two days later she came in with the cutest magnetic cat book marks that I am not using! How great is she?


I did a load of laundry and washed countless dishes both at home and at work. I took a shift from my coworker who got strep throat at CTB and that was good to do while the freezing rain came down on Tuesday. I also cleaned up after Sterling countless times because he eats so fast he throws it back up.

The weekend made me feel like I got hit by a truck. I started work at the running store Saturday morning, then got an emergency text from my boss at CTB asking me to come in ASAP. So I made my way over there and it was a zoo! The 50 degree weather made everyone and their mother come in for drinks, sandwiches and bagels. What I thought would be an hour or two max help out shift ended up being about 6 hours including a 2 hour cooler stock. Our drink coolers were EMPTY.

As I was finally leaving, my boss asked me to come in an hour earlier the next morning. This was fine, except I was so exhausted from the day, I conveniently did not sleep at all. I was seriously nodding off during breakfast:


And lunch (tofu scramble breakfast burrito!)


Awesome. It was busy again today, so now that I am finally home sitting in my chair at 5:46PM, all I want to do is go to sleep. Which I will do after I eat 🙂

I have been too tired to eat before, but that is not today (good think because I have a white chocolate and raspberry scone to consume 🙂


[old picture but you get it ;-)]

That was my week!

What book are you reading?

What are you excited for this week?

Do weekends ever make you more tired than week days?



  1. No sleep at all?! That actually makes me feel a little sick to my stomach. I’m glad you survived.
    I love that your roommate was looking out for you! When I didn’t eat red meat my family members were always kind enough to make sure we had chicken.
    Blisters suck! I got one on my heal for not wearing proper socks and it hurt! Thankfully I could cover it up with a bandaid!
    I hope your Monday treats you well!

    • I was able to catch up a bit last night and then I’m gonna go to bed early again tonight so hopefully I’ll be fully rested tomorrow 🙂 Having people who think of your needs is a wonderful blessing

  2. I am excited for all the work I have this week to come to an end haha.
    I really want to get into some good books- once I have the time over spring break I am definitely going to try and start reading more! 🙂 Hope you have a great Monday Ellie!

    • I zonked out last night and then am going to go to bed again early today. I don’t usually have time to nap, but if I go to bed early a couple nights I catch up 🙂

    • OMG Game of Thrones defined two months of my summer a couple years ago! It is so dark though so I recommend reading in the sunshine 🙂 Not hard to do in CA right?
      Walnut butter is good, but I am not fancy, I love PB the best!

  3. Oh my gosh girl. First of all – I just can’t imagine running as far as you do. Geez Louise.
    I remember my days of working 2 customer service jobs and being called in extra or asked to stay late. I’d always say yes… Even if it was the last thing I wanted to do. Just make sure you are still taking care of yourself and only working as much as your soul can handle, ok? Gotta keep you rested for those runs!
    I’m sure glad you had that scone to end off such a tiring week. Well deserved.
    Now go to sleep!!!

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