Peanut Butter Fudge Triple Layer Cups

Ok, I took some inspiration from Chocolate Covered Katie on this one. After spending 10 minutes three hours on her Pinterest and website, I combined a couple recipes, nixed some ingredients, added some others and came up with a recipe that I’m proud of.


One layer comes from her Chocolate fudge recipe.

Another from her Butterfingers recipe.

The last layer I made up…so I think of this as a collaboration that she doesn’t know about. Kudos girl and thanks for the inspiration. Go check out her website for amazingly easy sweets and treats. My tummy thanks her.

Ok, now I’ll talk about myself and how I wanted to eat all the things and use up some stuff in my pantry. Things I always have:

Ripe bananas

Peanut butter


Random candy and chocolate

Things I need to use up:

Coconut butter that’s been sitting in my pantry for 6 months

Reese’s Pieces for the same reason

Maple syrup need to finish one lower quality bottle before I can bust open the good stuff

Rather than use one ingredient for one of CCKs recipes, why not combine a couple and then add my own special touch?

These triple layer cups hit me in all the right places. Peanut butter, candy, chocolate. All sounding yummy to my sugar addicted palate.

Side note: let me talk about sugar addiction for a second.

Yes, I believe it can be taken to an unhealthy level. Yes it is similar to cocaine in the body. Yes, I should reign myself in occasionally. However, listening to a podcast about intermittent fasting and cutting out sugar kind of made me sad. Any diet that says fruit is a bad thing is nuts. Fruit may have sugar, but it also has so many vitamins and minerals that are so good for the body, the sugar is a worthy concession. Just my opinion.

Alright so back to the dessert cups. There is sugar and no way to avoid it. Why would you want to? Be mindful, enjoy the treat and move on. Sometimes the greatest benefit from food is the emotional and social benefit. These triple layer delicacies will certainly deliver that!


Peanut Butter Fudge Triple Layer Cups

Layer 1

1/2 cup coconut butter

1 ripe banana

1/4 cup cocoa

2 T maple syrup

1/2 cup Reese’s Pieces crushed

Put all ingredients except the Reese’s into a food processor and blend until smooth. Stir in the Pieces. Spread evenly into 9 muffin cups. Put in freezer to harden while you make the second layer.

Layer 2:

1/4 cup honey

1 T molasses

3 T brown sugar

1 cup crunch peanut butter

1 1/2 cups corn flakes

In a pot over medium heat, melt together the honey, molasses, sugar and peanut butter. Once combined, remove from heat and stir in cornflakes. Coat evenly. Pour evenly over the fudge layer and store in the fridge while you make the last layer.

Layer 3:

3-4 random chocolate candy bars or 2/3 cup chocolate chips

1 T coconut oil

Melt chocolate and coconut oil over LOW heat stirring frequently. Once melted, remove from heat and pour over cornflake layer. I covered half of mine with chocolate and then frosted the other half. This layer is optional….but good if you want a true ‘triple layer’ cup.

Store in the fridge until hardened.



What is one ingredient you always need to use up?

Have you ever combined a couple recipe So? What were the results?



  1. Hey, why have one recipe when you can have all three?! These look super yummy- an epic sweet treat.
    I think you are correct not to worry about sugar from fruit or sugar in general. You are so active I’m sure that sugar gets used very quickly anyways 😀 I honestly never even think about sugar in fruit. I tend think I could eat more fruit, not less!

    • Definitely not something to be concerned about for anyone! The only fruit I don’t approve of it papaya, and that’s because it tastes funny to me, not because of sugar.

  2. These look super yummy!! so true about not worrying about the sugar from fruit- that is the best kind of sugar; and we shouldn’t be worrying about such silly things anyways 🙂 xoxo

  3. Yummmmmm. You know I’m all about combining numerous recipes to make something new. That’s the fun of it! You’ve done a smashing job with this one. And I’m so all about the fridge/freezer treats right now.
    Glegh. The sugar from fruit debate. I just turn my ears away from it. Fruit is from the earth and our bodies need the carbs. You need those bananas for your runs! And for the peanut butter.
    I’ve been working on the same jar of coconut butter for probably three years now. One more recipe and I should have it done.

    • I just forget about it! I’m not one of those “Coconut butter/oil is Jesus reincarnate” people. I like coconut oil, but I don’t think it has too many uses for me. Someone told me they stir it into oats. I’ll have to try that!

  4. Bananas + PB + chocolate? I’m in!
    I totally try to ignore all the Sugar is the Worst of All Evils talk. I always give myself permission to eat what I want (provided I can tolerate it), and I find I actually end up eating pretty healthy that way, perhaps because I know the treats will always be there if I want them. I also combine recipes all the time–like I combined several different pie recipes with different crusts and fillings last weekend.

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