WIAW [Expired food leads to great things]

I don’t often get excited after finding out my lunch has passed its prime. Especially when I was looking forward to it. Today tells a different story.

Before I jump into WIAW, brought into existence by Jenn I think everyone should check out yesterday’s post. Peanut Butter Fudge Triple Layer Cups will make this boring night so much better! I am really enamored by the consistency cornflakes bring to a dessert. The crunchy layers hold the flavor and add a home style depth. I don’t know about you, but whenever corn is involved, I immediately think down-home, comfort food. Corn on the cob, frozen corn, corn casserole, creamed corn, corn chowder, grits…and cornflakes of course.


My choice to “make the next vegan decision” has not been on the forefront of my mind as much as I thought it would be. I don’t find it hard to be vegan and most of my eats were already even when I started eating the throw-away non-vegan food. That transition hasn’t been too big in my mind. I do feel, I don’t know, nicer maybe? I feel like I am living a more authentic version of myself, nothing I have to keep in wraps.

When I started eating non-vegan for a few months, even though the change was motivated mostly by reducing waste, I thought I was kind of hiding. I didn’t come out with a statement or anything, but I definitely wasn’t truthful to my teammates and friends who supported my veganism the most. I felt shady.

The feeling is no longer there. I feel light and free and most importantly, I feel like Ellie.

I still have not preached to anyone or even mentioned my choices. The other day when I put Daiya cheese on my beans and rice instead of regular, my coworker asked why I did that and I simply said, I want this cheese. I like it more. This is actually true, but more specifically, I am not ready for confrontation especially from this coworker who likes to turn most things into a debate. I don’t feel it’s necessary yet as I just regained my veganism a week or so ago.

Maybe sometime I will be able to compassionately answer, but I don’t feel like it now.

Ok, time for WIAW!




Oatmeal with cinnamon, protien powder, coconut flour, walnuts and raisins. Apples on the side. A nice change of pace. I ran out of bananas (ok, I have 2 but they aren’t brown enough for me) so I’m excited to make other breakfasts this week. Yesterday was a breakfast burrito and today was oats. My run this morning was COLD! My snot froze to my lip (TMI?) and my hands froze because my hand warmers were terrible. A nice warm breakfast was needed. I’m on a mission to try a different bowl of pats or breakfast as much as I can. Wish me luck πŸ™‚



Ok, lunch was supposed to be vegan chicken salad and tortilla chips (Beanitos are so good right now!) Picture me all excited to dive into this, which I was because I don’t eat it often ($$)…and it’s tasting really funky…not good. Rather than do what I normally do, eat it anyway, I make the grown up decision to throw it away and get something else. I just shouldn’t eat expired food. It’s really bad for me. Duh Ellie.


So this brings us to second lunch! I ran over to CTB and got a current scone. Toasted it and stabbed some Earth Balance and cinnamon sugar on one half (I dip the other half in coffee) and all was right in the world. Tomorrow I am making scones. There, I said it so it’s happening.



I decided to kick it old school with a burrito filled with almond butter, jam, granola and a banana. Eaten with my favorite bowl of greens.



A sweet and simple ABC Chocolate Chip cookie. Bigger than my hand and fit nicely in my belly

Have you ever eaten expired food?

What is your favorite go-to lunch?



  1. Some expired food I feel comfortable eating, like cheese if it’s not moldy or eggs if they look alright. However, if it smells funky or I see something, I’m throwing it out. I’ve had too many bad experiences, lol!
    And I totally know what you mean about not wanting to get into a debate. Those can just be exhausting- especially when the person is just trying to prove their point. So, I suggest never making an opinionated comment on a Buzzfeed article unless you are ready to defend yourself for an hour.

  2. I usually eat leftovers long after it is recommended to keep things. I don’t buy a lot of prepackaged food so it is typically stuff I have made but I know by the standard guidelines it should be thrown out sooner. But it never smells bad and I haven’t gotten food poisoning yet (knock on wood) so I figure I’m okay.
    In your breakfast description you said you are on a mission to try a different type of pats. Was this merely a typo and you meant oats or is this something I just haven’t heard of?
    Hope tomorrow’s run is warmer!

  3. My husband and I are so opposite on expiration dates and sell by dates – I usually do the smell then taste test and let it be if it seems fine, but my husband seriously will not eat something a day or two before the SELL BY date. Like he’ll throw it out. Which I think is just silly..

  4. If the expired food still smells and look fine, I say, ‘Go for it.’ It enables me to be more creative in the kitchen. And my favorite go-to lunch is either salad or some sort of leftover. πŸ˜€

  5. How has it never occurred to me to try sweet burrito fillings?! That sounds awesome go to lunch is salad but I get creative with the toppings to change things up. I am also quite partial to a good old sandwich though. I try not to pay too much attention to expiration dates. I eat mostly vegetarian with no milk and therefore find most things are just fine for longer than the date on the package. I actually used to dumpster dive as I hate food waste , once I got TWENTY loaves of fresh baked bread to take to the salvation army. Perfectly clean and bagged!

    • OMG I LOVE YOU! Dumpster diving to reduce waste?! That is so great!! I try to save it before it gets to the dumpster. The Salvation Army huh? Do they have a policy for this? Can I just drop stuff off or do I need to call them?

      • I used to do it with my mum when I was like, thirteen. Basically, because it was late at night we just dropped it off and hoped they would use it. Although they do have policy about not KNOWINGLY taking “out of date food” I certainly think it happens. One of the big supermarkets here actually made a pledge to donate as much as they could e.g. things past their ‘display until’ date. You’ve really got me thinking on this now, it might have to become a post!

  6. I used to have a roommate that threw away anything that was even within days of an expiry date… regardless of how fine it actually was. This KILLED me. I’ve probably eaten my fair share of past expired things – growing up with a father who won’t waste a crumb will do this to you – though with my growing maturity (ha) I’m probably being a bit nicer (and smarter) to myself.
    Is CTB vegan? What do they use in their scones? What do YOU use in your scones? I make mine with coconut oil, so they are inevitable vegan, though I just love how they turn out more than with butter I think.

    • I think the scones at CTB are vegan, but I am never positive about everything. I’ve actually NEVER MADE SCONES (omg yes it’s true) but it is on my list! I always think I will and then I get distracted. I have a recipe that uses shaved coconut oil. Either that or I will use Earth Balance. Do you have a recipe on your blog?

  7. Idk if this counts but I will always eat and use up my really brown bananas haha. Favorite lunch is probably big salads with lots of toppings, wraps with pretzels, sushi, veggie burgers πŸ™‚

  8. Just this past weekend, I realized my grocery store sold me expired meat. Jimmy and I ate it anyways. It was only two days past its “sell by” date and didn’t smell or taste bad, buuut we were definitely like “Hope we don’t throw up all night..” haha.

    My fave go-to lunch is probably soup + sandwich!

    I’m glad you’re feeling good about your veganism decision! It’s always a wonderful thing to feel like your most authentic self πŸ™‚

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