Fast Friday #6

There are runs that are easy, runs that teach you something, and runs that provide me with so much intuitiveness about myself and my body I really don’t think I would understand myself without it.

Last weekend was really tiring for me and it showed on my long run Wednesday. I was just a bit beaten down by the end and so rather than 18 miles, I stopped after 17.25. What’s crazy is that I had a great workout on Monday, when I was recovering from the weekend. I felt really strong even though I felt dead from Sunday.

Each week tells me I am capable of more than I think.

Let’s recap!

Monday: Tempo Intervals

2×20 at 6:00 pace


I read my coach’s workout wrong. It said 30-35 minutes at 6:00-6:15 pace. Give me a break, it was a long weekend. Anywho, the intervals felt fast when I started (they were, at least for me) but after about ten minutes at the pace I got into a groove and was cruising. When I added up the mileage from my warm up, intervals and cool down, I had run 13.2 miles. A half marathon. On Monday. Whew I didn’t know I had that in me! The best part about the day was that ZACH BITTER liked my Instagram picture. Yes I screen shotted it.


Tuesday: Easy run

7.47 miles in 58 minutes

Because I did a lot of mileage on Monday (and wasn’t supposed to) my coach told me to make this run shorter. I thought it was going to be warmer this morning, but when my snot froze to my lip I realized it was going to be a challenging run for my fingers. My hand warmers were awful.

Wednesday: Long Run

17.25 miles in 2:12:28

The first 5.6 (45 minutes) were at an easy pace, then I stepped it up for 6.4 miles at 6:40 pace. I finished with 45 minutes (5.25 miles) of easy running. My stomach felt weird in the first mile, but I went to the bathroom so it was fine. I felt solid through the better part of the tempo miles until I cramped in the last mile. I drank more water and massaged it out and was fine. I got in one gel and a lot more water. This is a success!


I listened to theΒ Thought For FoodΒ podcast and learned that you can train cats! They have behavior classes for them and everything. I will sign Sterling up! I also found out that using TRX bands as a substitute for a swim workout is actually effective. I told my boss this (she swims and does triathlons) and she was like “duh.” For two whole seconds I thought I was a sage of advice. Nope.

Thursday: Easy run

9 miles in 1:12

Got my Balega Team Impi package in the mail!

I used the treadmill incline today and felt pretty good even though I sweated buckets. I wore shorts and a tech tee shirt, but I was drenched by the end. I listened to a podcast about fat adaption and am still really intrigued by it. Not obsessively avoiding carbs or sugar, but being more mindful. I also notice that my stomach is kind of off when I eat a lot of added sugar. Last night for example, I had a few spoonfuls of frosting and it really messed up my stomach. Just something to keep in mind I think. If I train like an athlete I need to eat like one as well.

Friday: Steady State Intervals

8×800 at 6:40 pace with 3 easy in between

I have not done this workout yet as I wrote this post last night, but I am going to try curbing my sugar a bit tonight and see if I get any weird stomach issues in bed. I love my speed work, so I’m ready to go fast!

Saturday I’ve got some easy miles planned and Sunday is recovery day.

What do you do when your stomach feels off?

Have you ever quit sugar or stopped for a period of time? How applicable was it for your (social and financial) life? I think I’ll feel better but if my finances can’t take it, no thanks.



  1. I’ve shared a video somewhere on the blog of me putting Lola (dog) and Gizmo (cat) through our little indoor mini agility course. I was training Giz before I had dogs! Someday I’ll do a post about training animals — it can be great fun (and frustrating at the same time).

    Yes, I’ve done the 21 Day sugar detox. But then I go back to sugar . . . sugar always creeps in, but I do try to keep it at a minimum.

    A half on a weekday. Not to mention my pace is literally twice yours! You definitely are fast.

  2. I am so impressed by your running!
    I have ‘quit sugar’ in the past and don’t eat much of it now. It’s really not that expensive unless you go for all of the substitutes. If you can train your taste buds to like things less sweet, then it’s really no different. In fact, it can even save some money.

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