Balega Socks: The Most Comfortable Sock You’ll Ever Run In!

This training cycle has opened my eyes to the importance of having the right gear. I used to be one of those people who ran in anything. As long as the sock sort of fit and the shoe was considered a sneaker, it worked for me.

Honestly, that was ok when I was jogging occasionally and not serious.

Ok, that’s a lie, I got blisters, my feet hurt and it was a good thing I loved running as much as I do because I doubt I would have stuck with it.

Being on a racing team, getting a job at a running store and now working with my coach has enlightened me both in the importance of dependable running apparel and how to use them correctly to get the most out of each item. I now find that although I may spend more for something, it works better and lasts longer.

A couple months ago I answered a call from Balega International to be a Team Impi Ambassador for 2016. The Bagela company makes some of the most comfortable running socks I’ve ever had to fortune to wear. When I started working and shopping at my store, I was immediately attracted to the brand because it was a sock that suited my foot.


Whereas some other brands have really thin socks (which are just fine for some people) I often felt that I needed a bit more material between my shoe and my foot. I like that even the thinnest Balega sock has the comfort that I need. I find that the material is really temperature regulatory and sweat wicking without sacrificing that nice soft feeling I love.


Other brands are really great at keeping the foot cool, but they feel so thin I almost would rather not wear socks at all. I can’t feel any protection from the inner shoe and blisters are more likely to happen.

Balega has four different categories of sock to suit many different preferences.

The Endura and Hidden socks have a reinforced heel tab (for no show socks), mesh construction for ventilation, arch support by way of compression and a reinforced toe and heel. The next to skin fit assures comfort and undersold cushioning is what I really love. I could walk around in these all day even after running in them and not get a blister or run. I love the feel that much!


Balega socks have a Drynamix Air Conditioning fabric system which uses evaporation to control moisture. Drymo mohair is used in the foot bed to prevent blisters (like Merino wool) and is temperature regulating. A V-Tech arch support near the top front of the sock (where the leg meets the top of the foot) allows the sock to form around that awkward angle and not run. Before I started using these socks, I would get this weird rub patch there. It didn’t hurt but it was a weird brown callus type of thing. Higher chance for blisters? No thank you!


Let’s talk more about the Second Skin Fit. This is the thinnest sock in the line, yet it doesn’t seem like you are sacrificing comfort to stay dry. The low and no show socks have a broad elastic arch and enhanced elastic grip to keep the sock in place. Each sock has a distinct right and left construction and a triple-Y shaped heel. This creates a heel pocket designed to be anti-blister and mold around the heel with fewer seems and less rubbing.


I think what I like most about these socks is the soft tread created by Performance Wool Technology. A high needle count knitting machine used in the manufacturing process provides a light sock with ultimate protection and comfort. It just feels so good you guys!


I love my Balega socks and am proud to represent the Balega company as an ambassador for Team Impi. You can get these socks at their website or your local running store. I feel so lucky the my local store, the Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company carries the Balega brand so I never have to go without.


Get yours today and never have another blister again!

What makes a good running sock?

Tall or short running socks?



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