Week In Review: Finally Back to Strong Hearts!

Can we all just take a second and admire the weather? Not only today, but this winter! Last year at this time we were all living through sub zero temperatures and covering our faces to walk outside. This past weekend was 45-50 degrees and beautiful! Less than a month until Spring and I think we can actually skip winter. If snow is your thing, this must suck, but I’m definitely not one to question God’s decision to bless us Ithacans with the warmth.

Without too much fanfare of an introduction, let’s get to listing! Thanks to Meg for the link up!


I published a post everyday this week! Why am I so ambitious?! I kid, it actually wasn’t stressful. Writing recipe posts for future dates is actually easy. I knew bloggers sometimes write posts weeks or months in advance, but I am not one of those people. I like to write about what is relevant to me and most of my posts are about my daily life. Recipe posts though, I see why you write them early. I usually finish eating the recipe before I post it. Describing the flavor of something or remembering measurements is easier when the product is fresh in my mind.

If you haven’t already, check out my recipe for Triple Layer Peanut Butter Fudge Cups and allow your taste buds to explode with flavor!


I also posted three running related reads:

Pre Run Rituals about how I take comfort before runs
Fast Friday #6 sharing my weekly workouts
Balega Socks Review get yourself some of these socks ASAP!


After being really wrecked last week I was waiting to see how Monday would go. Sometimes I function well on little sleep, other times I just want my bed and think about it all day. Status: relationship.

Monday I told myself I would start my warm up and see how I was feeling. Well, I felt good so I did the

workout and ended up running over a half marathon…on a Monday. Was not planning on that. It was a good hurt, but I wasn’t too upset when my coach was like, run 7 tomorrow instead of 9.

My other runs went pretty well. My boss put my status into good words. He said ” you’re incredibly fit, now you just have to stay healthy till May.” Amen.

My sister actually texted me that her groin is so painful she cannot run. She has a race in a month, so I gave her my sage wisdom from when I took all of July off and still raced August 2nd. I told her to elliptical until it felt better and her fitness would be there. I’ll be keeping her in my prayers.

Other life stuff

My coworker Casey gave me my Secret Santa gift which totally made my week. It is a boyfriend pillow WITH ABS! My cat loves it obviously. She did order it before Christmas you guy So! I don’t know why it took so long, but I’m glad it’s finally here. I have yet to name him but he’s a great reading companion.

After getting sick the other night after eating too much sugar, I am going to cut out added sugar for a couple weeks. I don’t really crave it anymore and my body is rejecting it. Still eating fruits and stuff, just no extra stuff. I feel better already. I’ve made a lot of different breakfasts and lunches this week. When you don’t have as many bananas, you learn to find other options.


Cutest spoon ever right?!?!

I got my box of Balega socks and apparel which made me so Happy! These socks are so comfortable, I don’t like to wear anything else. I love being on Team Impi this year, the community is so fun and inspiring.

I have my nut butter making down to a twenty minute process. Roast nuts while in shower, add to food processor straight from the oven. Let er rip until oily. I’m loving the different tastes. Still not as good as PB though 🙂

I made Arman’s no bake paleo cookie and eventually topped it with frosting. Too much frosting..which kicked off my no added sugar plan.

On Sunday I had a day off…my first one since January 5th! I decided to drive up to Syracuse and eat with some of my team mates at Strong Hearts Cafe.


Becca had a Crossfit WOD right before, so I beat them there. I was super hungry and had some baby carrots that I bought from Wegmans so…when you’re hungry…you know I snacked.


I miss these ladies so much! It was a wonderful lunch.


I cannot argue with the 60 degrees either 🙂

And finally, some funny Instagram memes that made me smile.


What is your favorite cafe?

What was the last package you got in the mail?



  1. I love when I get to reconnect with old friends! It’s hard to make time for all that, but so worth it!
    I remember never having any days off when I worked two jobs too. It was rough! I’m glad you got one.
    The last package I got in the mail was magnesium citrate. Woop woop, so exciting! 😉

      • I’ve heard that the most common nutrient people are deficient in is magnesium. Way to be ahead of the game. I’ve also heard papaya enzymes work well for digestion. I hate papaya so if I wanted to take advantage of that, it would have to be an enzyme =P

  2. OMG that spoon is adorable!! Congrats on posting everyday this week- that’s awesome! Last package I got in the mail was cookies lol. Have a great day Ellie!

  3. Your meals look scrumptious although I have to say I will not be kicking added sugar out of my life anytime soon or really ever. I’m Team Frosting all the way, and the more the better. 🙂 I just balance it out with a big bowl of greens. I look at that stuff as being good for my mental health and overall well being. Plus sugar is fun.

    Great job on all the blog posts and having fun with friends.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    • I totally agree Meg! Some foods are just good for the soul. Unfortunately I overdid it and my stomach was like STOP EATING THIS SHIT! At least for a week or so 😉 I actually don’t even want it, I felt so sick. So I don’t feel like I’m denying my body anything hahaha

  4. Good job on all the blog posts! Prepping future posts always makes me feel like a superhero 😉
    And I think I am going to be doing a severe sugar cut as well. Im having so many tummy issues lately, and even though I dont eat sugar that often, when I do it leaves me in so much pain for days. SO, Im flushing it out and trying something new 🙂

  5. Mmm I have a number of favorite cafes. Cafes in general are just my favorite thing. And meeting old friends there makes them even better.
    I’m so happy you finally got a day off, and that you used it for a little road trip. And look at you receiving all the fun loot last week! It was basically Christmas! If you ignore the weather.

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