WIAW: Not ravenous?

Good morning people! I am writing this on Tuesday morning (and night) and right now I am in awe.

I did a brick workout this AM of both running and biking (easy) and didn’t get home for about three hours after I started. Usually I am ravenous by this time, but find myself oddly still satisfied. I’m not hungry. At all. I know exercise has an effect on appetite. It kills it. But I know my body. If I go this long, I will be hungry because I’ve gone through the stages of losing my appetite and now my stomach would have caught up and made me HUNGRY.

Right now though, as I dive into breakfast, I’m still not hungry. I’m content. I would be fine to wait.

This fat thing really is great!

Let me explain, because I haven’t wanted sugar like I normally do, but still want to eat enough calories for my lifestyle, I’ve been eating a lot more fat. Nuts and seeds mostly, but also avocado and oils. This was weird at first and yesterday for example I was kind of bloated for the day. I ignored it because who the heck really cares as long as I can still work, run and be happy? Break out the yoga pants and I’m game!

Ok, now lets get onto WIAW. Thanks to Jenn for the party!

One thing that is taking some getting used to with the increase in fat is that my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I often find myself thinking my bowl of food is small, so I serve myself more, and then either cannot finish it or are really full when I am done. Fat really can be filling.


7 8

Carrot and banana microwave banana bread, topped with PB and a side of apples



Roasted sweet potato, avocado and baby carrots



Wrap with sunflower butter and banana. Bowl o’greens on the side.



Almond butter chia seed pudding

And now for some deep thinking:


What did you do on leap day?

When is a time your eyes have been bigger than your stomach?

What is your favorite type of apple?



  1. Leap day is so interesting to me. I feel like we should have it off/make it a holiday, because it’s like our extra day, you know?
    My eyes are usually bigger than my stomach when I am eyeing something I’ve never tried before or it is a food I reallllly love!
    I hope your appetite is back today! ❤

  2. Your wraps always look so good! Can I ask what brand/type they are? Also, is the micro carrot cake banana bread the same as your regular recipe plus carrots? I’ve been making the original for a week now and I’m still not tired of it, but the addition of carrots sounds delicious. Thanks.

    • The wraps are really whatever is on sale at either Tops or Aldis. Just the 10-inch whole wheat tortillas. The brand is Tops or Aldi’s “fit and active”. The carrot cake muffin thing is very similar. Here it is: 1 banana mashed, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 T coconut flour and 1/2 cup shredded carrot. Microwave 2 minutes. I’m glad you like it! 🙂

  3. On leap day, we went snowboarding, which was fun. I’m sore and thankful for God’s protection from any serious injury. I definitely agree with you that fat is so much more satiating than tons of carbs. That’s true for me. I just always gravitate towards carbs. O_O 🙂

    • Oh yea love the carbs. Chips and guac is a fan favorite! I can also eat more carbs without feeling full too quickly =P

    • As someone with avocado in her name, you certainly know your fats 🙂 I’ve been loving that green veggie this past week.

  4. I totally hear you. I’m such a “volume” eater person – I need my meals to look big or else I’m just convinced they won’t fill me up. But then I’m shocked when I have something nice and loaded with healthy fats that I actually get satisfied after something that looks much smaller. I still like volume though, so that’s an issue. Nicely done though! Healthy fats are sublime and do SO much more than just satiate hunger.

  5. I’m with you about being surprised when I’m not ravenous. Some days, eating lots of healthy fats helps keep me satisfied…and some days I’m ravenous anyways! Haha! Also, let’s be honest, fats bring a lot of the scrumptious to a good meal, anyway. To think I ever thought reduced-fat cottage cheese was a good idea!

    • Yea reduced fat things usually sacrifice something to get it that way. The only good low fat things are those that are naturally that way; bread, fruit, veggies, things like that

  6. Favorite kind of apple is Gala or Pink Lady!! I have never been the biggest fan of Granny Smith, but will still have them from time to time. I have been craving avocado lately- that lunch looks delicious! Hope all is well Ellie ❤

  7. Interesting. I’m with you on usually feeling ravenous by the time I sit down for a meal. But on Monday – for whichever reason – I wasn’t and today my appetite is catching up big time.
    As a volume eater I’m a little afraid of eating smaller but more energy-dense meals though I’d be curious to see how they’d work for me.

    • It is different, but I can say I’m satisfied in the same way with smaller meals as with bigger ones. Good time saver.

    • I just can’t seem to get enough lately! I’ve heard of avocado desserts too! That’s something I don’t know if I would like. I think of avocado as more of a vegetable =P

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