Running Rambles #7: Staying True To Myself

My running is in a constant state of evolution. I say that because although the repetitive motion is the same, the way I live changes all the time. Because running is such a huge part of my life, that means the way I run changes too.

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I used to love being in a certain camp.

Not only could I run, but I was a high carb runner.

No, now I’m a only fruit eating runner.

Oh wait, now I’m a high carb and high fat runner.

Ok, I think I just want to eat sugar, so I’m a sugar burning runner.

Ok, I hate sugar now, what’s next?

An other example, I love doing half marathons. I am a half marathoner.


Oh, she does marathons? That looks so fun! I am a marathoner!

Oh crap I’m injured, I guess I’m an ellipticaller until that gets sorted out…

Ok, healed, now I just want to be outside as long as I can, so now it’s time for ultras.


Oh my God, you want me to be on your relay team? I love going fast! I’m now a fast racer!


Whew! All these changes that have occurred in the past year make me sound like the Michael Jordan of running!

I used to think that this made me someone who needed a tribe. I used to think I wanted to conform to something, and that something better be unique. That’s weird right? I want to be part of a group, but that group better be something not normal or extreme.

What I’ve come to realize is that with both things, nutrition and running or fitness in general, is that we have seasons of change. We adapt to the things life throws at us (injury) or the new ideas we come across (fruitarian, paleo, vegan etc) and you know what, that’s awesome! I think that being open to all the different ways people live or train is what helps me become a well rounded and accepting person.


Being in a constant state of evolution with my training and life has made me realize I can never safely label myself as anything other than Ellie because Ellie today is different than Ellie tomorrow.


Would the Ellie of this past summer (when I went raw for a month) ever think that future Ellie would be trying a high fat diet? No way! Even a month ago I would have said you were nuts! I love sugar and nothing could tear me away.

Now I’m not saying anything was wrong with the way I ate then or do now, but after one type of energy made me sick to my stomach, the evolution of myself placed me in a different direction.

In terms of running, no way did I think that I would be seriously training for a fast marathon. I was all about going longer and slow and was planning my first ultra. Luckily I did not sign up because Ragnar happened and I remembered how fun it feels to go FAST! I then got an email from the Buffalo marathon, which I had deferred to this year due to injury and decided to put my eggs in that basket. I could do both speed training and have some longer stuff.

As I plan for the future now, there are a couple races I’m looking at after the marathon, and all are something I find satisfying.

I guess what I’m rambling about today is that as a runner, I am all about being me. Ellie is always changing, always an experiment of one, always improving herself and having fun.

I’m doing me.

Do you do you? Is that a sentence?

How has your running or fitness evolved over the past year?

Do you ever like being part of a group?

I’m also linking up to Coaches Corner this week!



  1. Self-acceptance at it’s finest! It is NOT a bad ting to want to be a part of something, part of a tribe. You’re only human after all. I totally agree that it’s okay, even good, to change your mind about things; it opens us up to new experiences and people. I am very much a lone wolf and I’ve always tended towards separating myself but recently I’ve been craving the feeling of being a part of something. My running has evolved SO much. If you told me this time last year that I would be going on runs as short as two miles I would have laughed but it’s my new normal now. “You do you” is definitely a sentence (the English student in me is screaming) but it has become one of my favourite sentences recently!

    • Right? Next year I could be into Zumba or snorkeling or something. Anything that makes me happy is acceptable for my life πŸ™‚

  2. I love your metaphor for life and living in here. I think my running changes all the time, based on my mental state of mind, my physical capabilities, and my fueling. Having been running solo for so long, I’m actually seeking a running group to have a sort of “tribe” and running community.

    • I like running with others sometimes. I used to have a regular Wednesday running group, but since my training for the marathon became more strict I haven’t been able to attend. I really enjoy running solo too because I listen to podcasts and LOVE THAT! To find a good group, check out your local running store. They often times will have groups that go out. My store has a “no runner left behind policy” that people really like.

  3. Great post!! I think focusing on just being Ellie and removing those labels that have to do with exercise/what you are eating is so important. Label yourself as Ellie, the amazing friend or Ellie, the girl that is always smiling! πŸ™‚ Hope you have a great day!

  4. OMG!!!! You are totally in my mind with this post!!

    Being in a constant state of evolution with my training and life..keeps us learning and growing!!!

    I am transitioning to triathlons in the fall and that will be exciting and interesting….

  5. YES, the more I’ve learned about how God made me to work a certain way, and that person doesn’t look exactly like any other person, the more freeing it is to walk in His purposes. He truly leads us in the way that we should go. ❀ ❀ Keep being that person that God made you to be for His glory sister!

  6. You do you! I feel like my likes and interests are constantly changing, but the core of me remains the same… and I guess that’s what’s most important. I love trying out new things, but at the end of the day, the deepest parts of who I am never really change.

  7. Shoot, I change moods from week to week. Sometimes I am like “oh I need more alone time” and other times I’m doing whatever to make plans with friends. Sometimes I feel like I need to be eating even more plants and other times I’m like those hurt my stomach. I can’t fit into one type for long!
    I love that you are doing you. I think it is great to draw inspiration from others, but I believe we are most happy when are being ourselves.

  8. Love this, Ellie.
    I think I change from week to week, too. I always joke that “many things interest me but few things hold my interest” and it’s really true. I just like to try new things and experiment – with hobbies, with fitness, and less so with food. I think part of it is I have often felt like an outsider (I am very introverted and was quite shy in grammar school) and I yearn for a place to fit in. Thank goodness I feel like I’ve found my “tribe” in the blogging community. I think it’s great you’re willing to try new things and look to improve yourself. We all need to live like that, as long as we don’t lose sight of who we are.

    • Thank you for being honest. I have this desire to fit in, but also stand out in how I fit in…does that make sense? Maybe not, but it’s as if I want to fit in with weird things. Finding a small niche, like blogging or hiking or juggling is both unique, but also comforting because you have a tribe.

  9. LOVE this post!! I actualy hate “labels” when it comes to fitness. I mean I get that a lot of people put themself into a section – a runner, a yogi, a crossfitter, etc. but I never understood that. I just love fitness! I don’t want to be just one thing. I like lifting heavy things, but I also like the stretch of yoga. I like HIIT and plyos, but also like the peace of a run. Why should I label myself as one thing or another. I want to be them all!! πŸ˜‰

    • And you totally are them all! I loved your mom’s FB remark telling you not to lift heavy things =P Oh moms…gotta love em

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